CVG previews White Gold: War in Paradise

White Gold follows Boiling Point's structure of enabling the player to go anywhere they choose and follow whatever missions they want. This time you're a mercenary, still played by actor Arnold Vosloo, in a South American paradise. Three large and six smallish islands hide a secret drug production factory - you're there to hunt it down and destroy it. Brilliantly, the reasoning behind this is because its potency is killing celebrities.

It's a close cousin to games such as Just Cause and Far Cry, but with a far more detailed RPG system tacked on. From the beginning there are factions to either appease or antagonise, including the military, mafia, police and civilians, and skills to level up.

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MK_Red3996d ago

Didn't the same team make a very similair game called Boiling Point or something? And aren't they hard at work on another very similair RPG/FPS one space called Precursors?

TnS3996d ago

This game is developed by Deep Shadows.
Their previous game was Boiling Point. And they are also making The Precursors.