Kick-ass Abilities: Just Another Reason Why You Should Care About Haze

With a seemingly endless amount of high-profile games coming out in the next few months, it's easy to lose track of every single last title that looked good to you at one point in time or another. There's a chance that you might have overlooked Free Radical Design's (TimeSplitters series, Second Sight) upcoming first-person shooter for PlayStation 3, Haze.

The focus on Haze thus far has been more about the game's narrative and less about actual gameplay. That's all going to change though, with a look at some of the abilities you'll have at your disposal.

Hit the link for the list of skills for both Promised Hand and the Mantel Soldiers.

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reaferfore203811d ago

Looks like a cool game and all, but I'm kind of played out on FPS games. I'm waiting for MGS4. That is all.

ChanDangle3811d ago

They have good ideas but it feels like they're just trying too hard. Especially to call Halo childes play compared to it.

monoknacker3811d ago

I don't blieve the developers are 'trying too hard,'in my opinion they are making a very original IP with some very neat gameplay ideas.

warfed3811d ago

I much rather have a develop "try to hard" then not try at all and make the same old game...

ChanDangle3811d ago

Well of course a developer has to try hard I'm talking about them coming straight up arrogant about how great it is. I'm probably going to wait out on this game to see how it plays out when it's released for the ps3 just waiting to see how the multiplayer stands out from the rest.

vitord13811d ago

Time splitters is just plain fun and haze will go to the same way :P

miked8083811d ago

Everything about this is derived from games already out. They just talk smack about Halo so they can get people talking about their game. Spend more time on the game and let it do the talking.

aaquib23811d ago

Don't be mad because its a PS3 exclusive this year. Watch, next year you'll be going OMGHAZEROCKS, just because its on your console.

Dont hate the game, hate the console ;)

jay33811d ago

Yeah, there's nothing original about it.

Nectar? It's just another word for "Power", and tons of games have had a Power bar in them.

Guns...i'm pretty sure a lot of games have had them before.

All this game is, is an FPS, with a few abilities like "Run really fast" added to it.

This is the game i'll get for my PS3 if i'm bored with everything else, but nothing about the game is what will make me buy it if i do.

The way i see the PS3 fans are spinning this is, they would probably be making as much of a fuss as everyone is with Timeshift. But they realised they have it this year and 360 next year (Wouldn't 360 Vrs. be better then?) so now they're saying "This looks so awesome" even thought the graphics according to all the screens we've seen have been pretty bad, and there's not all that much original about it, apart from the helmets.

I think i speak for quite a lot of people that i'm not gonna buy this game unless theres nothing else. PS3 fans can hate on me, but, this isn't as original as you all think.

And no, i'm not a fanboy, i'd be doing the same if it was 360 fans doing all this.

WoundedMoon3811d ago

There are no more original games! It's all the same "Hey, use this input device to alter whats happening on your TV, or output device." LAME!

To be serious: It's all a matter of how liberal you want to be. ANY game can be accused of being unoriginal, or of stealing from other games. In my opinion this game looks original.

STICKzophrenic3811d ago

They could have came up with a better name than 'Nectar'. :-\

Douche3811d ago

You could have came up with a better con than that. Or maybe you couldn't.

STICKzophrenic3811d ago

Ummm ok. Whatever you say, chief.

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The story is too old to be commented.