Wii: A knockout of a workout

After half an hour with Nintendo's new Wii game system, the television was drenched with the sweat that came flying off dhonline's arms and hands with each punch, and it proved a point: The Wii is marketed as a game and advertised with laughing families playing together politely; but it can give you an aggressive workout.

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TheMART4028d ago

I think they should rename the Wii completely to WiiFit

Drop the console/gamermarket because you dissapoint real gamers Nintendo and just focus on the kiddymarket and fat mums as you do already. Stop selling the Wii to gamers and dissapoint them.

unsunghero284028d ago

I don't know a single gamer who is disappointed by their Wii. Honestly, I don't.

I'm pretty sure that, by the end of the day, you'll have like 4 agrees and I'll have like 6 disagrees. But I'm just sick and tired of all of this ridiculous bias against Nintendo.

Plus, you and I both know that the only thing YOU'RE really disappointed in about the Wii is that it's kicking the 360's butt sales wise. You're not a Wii-hater, you're a not-360 hater. For most of the people on this site that's only a problem when you bash the PS3, but just give it a rest, will ya?

drunkpandas4028d ago

There are quite a few gamers disappointed with the Wii. Not because of the graphics or controls, but because of the lack of games. There's been a deep drought since launch, with not too many great games coming this Holiday season.

unsunghero284028d ago

1) Well, yes there's been a drought, but this is the first year of existence. The same thing happened with the DS and then (as is going to happen with the Wii) the second gen of games absolutely rocked.

2) There's actually a very good amount of titles coming this holiday season... Just look here:

heroman7114028d ago

dude im sorry but i have to agree with the mart on this one. When i think bout getting a wii game i usually only see minigames. So yeah Nintendo aint pleasing my gaming taste

kooplar4028d ago

I also have to agree with themart on this. Nintendo has abandoned the hardcore gamers, thus losing my trust in them. This makes me sad, Ive been with them through thick and thin, from the glory days of the snes to the,(good for me) mediocre gamecube. Im hoping smash is good enough to interest me into picking up a Wii and finaly playing zelda after 3 years of wait.

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beavis4play4028d ago

nintendo has taken a real beating the last two gens and i think they finally said:lets make something so cheap it will sell. they did and it sells right now. but it's disappointing to see the poor quality games on the wii. except for zelda, there hasn't been anything. and what do wii owners have to look forward to? the same rehashed mario,metroid, and smash brothers releases this fall. it's not bias, it's just the truth.

unsunghero284028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

The GameCube launched in 2001 for $199. The Nintendo 64 launched for the same price. The NES and SNES launched for the same price. Nintendo's consoles have ALWAYS been at least $100 cheaper than the competition ( ), but Wii is actually the most expensive console Nintendo has ever made.

I don't think you can so quickly discount the Wii's lineup, either; it's really easy to just say "rehashed" when you're talking about sequels and be done with it. But compare any of the three "holy trinity" games (Brawl, Corruption, Galaxy) to other consoles' first party sequels- Halo 3, KillZone 2, MGS4- and in fact the new Nintendo iterations revolutionize their predecessors as much or further, with graphics, control, online play, and overall gameplay (especially Galaxy v. Sunshine).

commadore654026d ago

'rehashed mario' ?? Mario Galaxy looks like a different game to the previous, dispite keeping the elemets that make it a mario game.

Shaka2K64028d ago

Need to loose weight, get a life and stop invading popular gaming blogs and websites like joystiq,kotaku,gamestop & 1up ect with all your Sony bashing.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

and thats coming from a hypocrite who loves to bash the Wii 24/7?
you did nothing BUT bash the Wii.

please STFU you piece of sh/t, people like you really need a beating.

and no not saying this because he said wii fanbois need a life i'm saying this because hypocrite like him should be banned from websites like these.

for what i know Nintendo fanboys don't even bash Sony nor MS that much, you should read your own comments shaka, you blind idiot, because the amount of bullsh/t you spit is enough to cover up 100 fanboys that hate like you.

djt234028d ago

1up hate the wii so wtf you talking about

s8anicslayer4028d ago

the wii was actualy intended for the numorous amount of overweight american youths

daveman34028d ago

i have a wii, but i dont sweat when playing it because i'm in shape

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