Two Worlds: A Peek Inside the Collector's Edition

Flipping through the hardcover tabletop RPG book got IGN excited to play Two Worlds. Whether with a pencil, a controller, or a keyboard and mouse, RPG fans have something to be excited about come August 21...

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Chabbs03998d ago


alexander22rednaxela3997d ago

Too many collector`S editions this fall, strange of two worlds to put them selves on the same level as halo,gta, and bioshock, Two Worlds puts it self under allot of pressure.

Daxx3997d ago

All I have heard about this game is that it has 8 player coop and it is set in a medival fantasy setting and that's it. It looks good and I hope it turns out well.

Dr Pepper3997d ago

Basically, it's an Oblivion clone. Not that that's good or bad, but the reason they started developing it is because they looked at Oblivion and thought they could do better (it was in an interview I read in a magazine). So expect something similar, but probably not as good (it's their first game, so I'm not sure how it will turn out).

socomnick3997d ago

im getting this and Bioshock on the same day.

jay33997d ago

Oblivion with multiplayer.