BBC calls Killzone 2 'most cinematic and immersive game ever' "Sit down in front of a playable level and it is immediately clear that Killzone 2 will be one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever produced on a console," the publication reports. "The raw processing power of the PlayStation 3 has been harnessed to create a level of detail seen only in a handful of games on high-end PCs."

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snoop_dizzle3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

came out this year. :(

N4Gworks4Sony3993d ago

i think they mean the grayest game ever

macalatus3993d ago


Keep it up, bud! You're working just fine for your inevitable "one bubble" status. Keep it up!!

QuackPot3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Although impressed with the alpha shown at E3, I still think there's alot to be done. 6-8 months is not enough.

I'd prefer they get everything just right in the same way the original Halo did - graphics, sound, weapons, vehicles, story, characters, SP & MP, netplay and of course gameplay.

If GG/Sony does it right Killzone would be for the Playstation what Halo is for the xbox. The original Killzone was too rushed and not well designed and implemented. Its mistakes should have been learnt from.

I don't know about everybody but I'm more than willing to wait another year just so that GG/Sony get Killzone absolutely right - so that it deserves a 10/10 rating. Then the critics can STFU once and for all.



1. Understand how games (eg. Halo, MGS, UT, GeoW etc) have been successful
2. Copy, modify, adapt
3. Add something unique.

I really hope GG/Sony are doing this with KZ2. It's all obvious really.

ShAkKa3993d ago

but playstation had games that were for them what halo was for x-box lots of games,i know halo will sale big this year but as of now the 360 icon is gears of war not halo.

Douche3992d ago

It says 8/10, but it has repeated an article already posted. This isn't really new news.

Panthers3992d ago

I would agree with you but I dont know what they have wrong right now. The story is cool, and the graphics are amazing. Aside from that we dont know enough to pass judgment. and 6-8 months should be PLENTY of time to finish the game. I hope it comes out sooner.

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Dr Pepper3993d ago


There's a pretty big difference from the title: "most cinematic and immersive game ever"

And the actual quote: "one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever..."

Either way, those are some pretty big words and I hope they can back it up when it releases.

CourtesyFlush3992d ago

Behold, the power of selective editing. Simply removing the words "one of" changes the objectivity of the viewpoint dramatically. I also like the apparent fact that neither consoles nor games will continue to evolve, and that this title (or ANY for that matter) will reign supreme for all time as most immersive.

This doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to KZ2. I am. I'll no dobt preorder a copy once they begin, as it may certainly raise the FPS bar and I'll not want to miss one pixel or poly.

But in a matter of years, it, too, will seem so last gen.

Maddens Raiders3993d ago

was doubted by many.

the delirious Mart was quoted as saying: "I'm from the Netherlands, and the Dutch have never made one good game..."


Guerilla delivered the groceries to the skeptical G4 talking heads and made Peter Moore shudder.
============================= =======================

BBC - 8/11/07 -- "one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever..."

well, well, well

does anyone see a pattern here....?

destination, excellence. And no snoop, I'm glad it's not out this year, I want them to extinguish all doubt and it will release when the time is right.

Target render + 8 months....WOW

Caxtus7503993d ago

It was only doubted beacuse it was in fact CGI but it looks nice now.

The reason it got doubted so much is simple. As many fanboys forget, it wasnt an AMAZING franchise that was incredible day one. It was a crappy unproven game that scored poor reviews, unlike Halo or MGS. This game may well be the game that makes it a "proven" franchise and lets hope so :).

WilliamRLBaker3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

because sony forced it to be doubted, if they had come out and said this is a target render then things would have been ok, but they gave every fanboy ammunition when they said it was real time then proven to be liars later, It was doubted for a good reason no matter how good the game looks to be now.
The original doubt was justified because KZ1 was marketed to look amazing and it didn't and it was marketed as a halo killer and it wasn't and it sucked. P.S:forgot to add that it was justified to be doubted because of sony's actions, by lieing to the press and consumer...

Caxtus7503993d ago

Dont know who disagreed with you WIlliam, but yes, you raised some good points :)

achira3993d ago

william buy a ps2 and compare the graphics of killzone with halo. and you will see that killzone looks a lot of better than the power ranger game. i am sure you even didnt play the game, so why do you comment. have you played killzone liberation, if not try it, and you will not doubt that kz2 will be an awesome game.

WilliamRLBaker3993d ago


1.Killzone 1 sucked, it received crap scores compared to every thing out there.

2.Killzone 1 was labaled as a halo killer, and deliever so far below expenstations it was an embarassment.

3. At e3 2005, Sony showed a Prerendered CGI, Said and Promised it was Real time, then 2 weeks later it came out they lied through their teeth.

Because of this It was doubted killzone 2 would be good, And It still is, No matter the pictures they show *I think the Graphics they've shown thus far isn't up to part with the promised CGI quality we saw at 205 e3* Gameplay is what Matters, And KZ1 scored low in all areas including gameplay...So I dont think killzone 2 will be good in gameplay....

[email protected] your a fool, I own 2 ps2's one slimline, and a Original launch unit, I played killzone and KZ liberation both games sucked, KZ1's graphics sucked compared to halo 2 and thats a fact, Hell halo 1 had better gameplay and music, and graphics in my opinion too.

Picture...No i dont own an ps2 ;)

Douche3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Hey man, could you find where someone said Killzone 2's E3 '05 trailer was real-time? I am wondering where it originated. 'Cause as far as I could tell, the real-time thing was a mistake by people posting that on the internet. I'm being serious, find the people who are a part of Sony that said it was real-time. And let everyone know.

Mu5afir3992d ago

Sony never stated KZ2 ER 06 trailer was real time. It was insinuated by the Media, and bashed on for months on end. Killzone was never stated as a Halo killer, it was however again insinuated by the Media as such. The meta score for Killzone is 7.0, that isn't a bad score at all. It simply means the game was "average" it didn't "suck" to my knowledge.

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CrazzyMan3993d ago

great games for PS3! =)

one of the games, which will show ps3 power in first 2 year after launch. :)

MaximusPrime3993d ago

i've approved this because it was a nice news to read.

Im fine with any delays. it doesn't bothered me. As long it comes out, then im happy.

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