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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will break your 360

Five reasons why STALKER 2 will break your 360 (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Xbox 360)

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8800gtx   1928d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
gillri  +   1928d ago
as it should do, console hardware is there to be maximised and rinsed for all its worth ,unlike PC's hardware which never gets utilised anywhere near console do

gotta love value for money!!
il-mouzer  +   1928d ago
Charmers  +   1928d ago
Yep paying extortionate prices for your games on a console where you pay $10 extra every time you buy a game for your console. I can see what you mean by value for money ............ not. Plus you get a cut down version of the PC version as well.

So PC gamers pay at least $10 less and get more for their money. There is definitely a value for money argument here but I am afraid it is on the side of PC gamers.
steve30x  +   1928d ago
PC Hardware doesnt get pushed? WTF are you smoking?
Counter Strike  +   1928d ago
Yup u guys give Pc Gamers bad name
And u are fake... Keep in mind that Pc Gamers dont give a sh** about Console wars or anything else they are allways playing there online games Like CS or Starcraft for years to come.
Megaton  +   1928d ago
That's why I generally don't associate myself with PC gamers, even though I've been gaming on PC and Mac since the picture displayed green and black. They typically feel the need to rub everyone's nose into their shit. At least the ones you'll find around here and most other gaming forums.

It is nice, though. Not having to pay for things like map packs and having mod communities. But then you're gonna have to upgrade your hardware on a somewhat regular basis to stay ahead of the game, which can add up. Pros and cons for everything.
tdrules  +   1928d ago
It breaks any hardware its on, they are incredibly broken games that are only fixable with community mods.
which consoles won't get.
SilentNegotiator  +   1928d ago
That's pretty pathetic that the community has to fix those games.
DoomeDx  +   1928d ago
Epic news!

PC gamers have to fix their own games!
il-mouzer  +   1928d ago

there corrected
Optical_Matrix  +   1928d ago
Insecure PC fanboys once again. Cry me a river. Please
Letros  +   1928d ago
This article is a bit misleading, STALKER's X-ray engine is one of the most unoptimized engines I've ever used, all 3 games ran on 1 core...

GSC Gameworld will be forced to make use of consoles multicores, in the end it will make it run better on PC, although STALKER is really one FPS that I cannot see it making a good console transition without being completely castrated, see Deus Ex 2, it is quite the similar situation.
DoomeDx  +   1928d ago
I stopped reading after:

''1) It’s too pretty''
ElementX  +   1928d ago
Isn't this the 2nd anti-360 article on here from x360magazine.com?
WetN00dle69  +   1928d ago
Yeah indeed it will break.........i mean the game is riddled UP the arse with bugs. So much so that not even a rig that can run Crysis in max setting can hope to run this game smoothly.
labwarrior  +   1928d ago
So far has only broken the article writer brain as it seems
I have never read a worst nonsense article in my life, things like that should be forbiden by some official IQ destruction prevention comitee
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Kingdom Come  +   1928d ago
So my Xbox is going to crash...
Because the game is coming out over a year away?
Sh*t article is Sh*t...
ShiNe-Box-  +   1928d ago
Ignorant console peasants.
Sarcasm  +   1928d ago
So I've been building a relatively low cost PC for everyday use as well as games. So far I'm running an AMD Athlon X4 635 but waiting for my Phenom 965BE and currently using a decent GTX465 overclocked to 750/1500/1700 with .987 voltage. All I can say is that it's not a high end setup, but maybe mid-high but can play Dirt2 at 70fps 1080p resolution.

But man... I'm starting to get sick of all these f'in little nuances when it comes to PC gaming. Driver issues, install issues, compatibility issues.

FUDGE... If you guys think PS3 installs are bad, try waiting for patches on Starcraft II. LOL.

What's my point? My point is that while PC gaming is EXTREMELY powerful, there's still a place for consoles and that's where the PS3/360 comes in. You buy the game, you put it in, and you don't have to worry about any compatibility issues. So you close minded people should understand that everything has it's place.
I Call 9MM  +   1928d ago
Hmmm, this is a difficult one. I do think multiplatform development with the current generation of consoles might not be the greatest idea, as Stalker always had very big, open worlds that might not work so well on the console, and it had very PC specific controls.

I do believe that a better idea would be to make Stalker 2 for the next generation of consoles and the PC, that way the developers will (most likely) have more processing power and more RAM to deal with. A console specific control scheme for inventory management would be great, and a PC specific version for the rest of us.

Again, that engine was poorly optimized, and the product of a long development process that went through many hardware generations. Again, multicore support? Not there (maybe in Call of Pripyat). Metro 2033 showed what proper optimization could do, it is a phenominal looking game on PC and console, but it takes advantage of cramped indoor settings to do that, just like Doom 3 did back in the day, versus Far Cry and Half Life 2. Stalker is an outdoors game, and needs to be done properly. The 512 megs of RAM on the 360 might lead to some serious draw distance issues.
I Call 9MM  +   1928d ago
I actually think that a good idea might be to make a PS3/360 specific title, that takes advantage of that hardware. Then, release Stalker 2 on PC and the next console generation.

Like when GRIN made specific PC versions GRAW 1 and 2, tuned to the PC, while Ubisoft made the console versions. Two completely different games under the same title. A side story on 360/PS3 would be awesome.
xg-ei8ht  +   1928d ago
I'm actually wondering other then dx11, how they are going to convince people to buy Highend GPU'S.

Maybe M$ will do Windows 8, built into the GPU itself.

So boot from - Will actually be GPU windows8 in your bios.

We all know PC's are good, but not everyone likes gaming that way.

I'm waiting for DX12-13 Before i upgrade.

DX11 just doesn't cut it.
Syaz1  +   1928d ago
in some cases, i do feel multiplatform development could help optimization on the pc. just lead develop on the least powerful console, then as you port to other platforms, pc and ps3 of course, you upgrade the game to fit the platform's best ability. just an example, we know that the devs of the saboteur (r.i.p. pandemic) created an anti-aliasing technique that utilizes the cell, so that the aa on the ps3 version is 300 times superior to the xbox 360 version. on pc of course they could add massive improvements, dx11 for example, and 3d support.
I Call 9MM  +   1928d ago
It's definitely true that the current consoles are not tapped out yet technology wise, far from in fact, however the one key problem with them is that they do not have very much RAM, no matter how you look at it, and that is what will hurt STALKER 2's development if it comes out on the current consoles. The PS3 can do streaming from the HDD to help that out, but the 360 has to work without the HDD, and that hurts.

If the current consoles had more RAM, I could definitely see them lasting a lot longer then they may last at the moment. Having one gig of RAM under their hoods would be a huge boost, especially when games run at ~720p mostly, and their graphics chips might not necessarily handle, or need to handle, ultra high resolution textures that the PC version would (likely) have. Then, that extra RAM could have been used for extra stuff like levels. I think both current consoles could handle STALKER 2 with HDD streaming and a respectable viewing distance, but only the PS3 can do that, and the 360 will be the lowest common denominator.

Then again, if iD can do Rage, can they do Stalker 2 as well on consoles?
Syaz1  +   1928d ago
i think the keyword here is optimization. optimize for the lowest common denominator, then when taken to a more powerful platform, push it as much as you can.
turgore  +   1928d ago
well the 360 did a decent job for running metro 2033 (although they did a sloppy job with the exterior places).
Hazmat13  +   1928d ago
thats then main reason i got a 360 so i can try out Metro 2033 and i think it looks awesome. well and zombie games cuz well PS3 has none. lol
danielle007  +   1928d ago
This article was poo-tacular.
Hazmat13  +   1928d ago
i want to go to Chernobyl idk why i mean pripyat looks beautiful. im sorry what is this article about? lol
troll  +   1928d ago
Such a lack luster article for such an awesome game. I'm really looking forward to this sequel and the new iteration of the X-Ray engine. I just hope they make it a bit scarier than Pripyat (Stalker being one of the few games that can still instill horror even though you're lugging around automatic weapons).
ATi_Elite  +   1928d ago
PC Elitist and #1 Stalker Fan
You filthy consolers should be throwing a parade as your getting Stalker 2.

The Stalker series is far superior than any game on any console. FPS/RPG/ open world adventure with A life A.I.

If you haven't played stalker it's hard to make someone understand exactly how much is going on in the game all at once with some very HIGH detailed graphics and vicious A.I.

FPS with fully customizable weapons and bullet ballistics plus various ammunition types.
huge open world free roaming game
24 hour day and night cycle with weather
RPG elements: sleep eat armor stamina plus artifacts level your character up
Faction Wars
depending on how you play some groups will be your friend or enemy
A Life A.I. NPCs do everything that you do i.e. search for artifacts, loot dead bodies, seek out new territory to control, NPCs will also steal your stuff
Mutated beast run rampant through out the ZONE
all buildings are accessible including a huge underground Lair
Blowouts (radiation Storm): Happen erratically and change the locations of artifacts and anomalies not to mention will kill you if you don't find shelter.
Anomalies: areas of high radiation that are invisible death traps.
Buy and sell items, trade items, money system.
Character physics effected by how much weight your caring



a couple of videos of gameplay, Enjoy

Stalker 2 1Q 2012 can't wait

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