S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will break your 360

Five reasons why STALKER 2 will break your 360

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8800gtx3015d ago ShowReplies(2)
gillri3015d ago

as it should do, console hardware is there to be maximised and rinsed for all its worth ,unlike PC's hardware which never gets utilised anywhere near console do

gotta love value for money!!

Charmers3015d ago

Yep paying extortionate prices for your games on a console where you pay $10 extra every time you buy a game for your console. I can see what you mean by value for money ............ not. Plus you get a cut down version of the PC version as well.

So PC gamers pay at least $10 less and get more for their money. There is definitely a value for money argument here but I am afraid it is on the side of PC gamers.

steve30x3015d ago

PC Hardware doesnt get pushed? WTF are you smoking?

Counter Strike3015d ago

And u are fake... Keep in mind that Pc Gamers dont give a sh** about Console wars or anything else they are allways playing there online games Like CS or Starcraft for years to come.

Megaton3015d ago

That's why I generally don't associate myself with PC gamers, even though I've been gaming on PC and Mac since the picture displayed green and black. They typically feel the need to rub everyone's nose into their shit. At least the ones you'll find around here and most other gaming forums.

It is nice, though. Not having to pay for things like map packs and having mod communities. But then you're gonna have to upgrade your hardware on a somewhat regular basis to stay ahead of the game, which can add up. Pros and cons for everything.

tdrules3015d ago

It breaks any hardware its on, they are incredibly broken games that are only fixable with community mods.
which consoles won't get.

SilentNegotiator3015d ago

That's pretty pathetic that the community has to fix those games.

DoomeDx3015d ago

Epic news!

PC gamers have to fix their own games!

il-mouzer3015d ago


there corrected

Optical_Matrix3015d ago

Insecure PC fanboys once again. Cry me a river. Please

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The story is too old to be commented.