The sexiest booth babes ever

Peep at E3's ever growing collection of luscious booth babes.

Booth babes were entirely non existent at this year's E3. E3 isn't complaining about the new industry oriented expo, but they never complained about booth babes before either.

To celebrate this beautifully sleazy tradition, E3 has put down 24 pictures of the hottest costumed concubines ever to pose on a showroom floor.

Check out the images below...

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Lord Anubis4063d ago

when that girl wasn't acting silly for the cameras she looked really nice.

MK_Red4062d ago

Agreed and she definitly looks better than Bloodrayne in that horrible Uwe Boll movie.

But my fave among those pics is the girl from Sin Episodes (Elixis?).

xbox360elitegamer4062d ago

very sexy, I love all the pictures, don't you?

MK_Red4062d ago

Wow, GamesRadar is becomeing SleazeRadar or even PornRadar. Just look at their recent features: "Top 7 Girls kissing Girls in Games... ", "Rudest Game Cheats" & More. They had 2 E3 07 features called "Top Asses of E3" Part 1 & 2!!