Microsoft Happy With GTA IV Delay? No Money Paid To Rockstar?

The poster claims MS rep told him "They never paid money to Rockstar" and that "Microsoft is totally happy about GTA IV being delayed".

What does Kotaku have to say?
"Word on the street was that Microsoft paid through the nose for GTA IV exclusive episodic content - to the tune of 50 million bucks. What an investment! The game has now been delayed (due to rumored PS3 programming probs) and won't make this Christmas. So you'd think that Microsoft would be pissed. Not so! Microsoft is so rich that the company doesn't care about silly things like selling games, right? Riiight. A Microsoft rep tell the NY Post's William Vitka that the delay will "allow gamers to focus on the other titles in this year's holiday lineup." But, glossy spin aside, Microsoft's gotta be annoyed. At the company's Xbox Holiday Press event earlier this week in New York, Vitka recalls this exchange he had."

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MK_Red4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I thought Take Two confirmed that they got money from MS in a confrence or something but who knows? But I do believe that its not too bad for MS since now their Halo 3 is more free and has one less big opponent and then next year MS can enjoy more success with GTA4, again in a less crowded season.
And if the game is indeed better by then and more polished, then not only Sony & MS but we all could benefit from the delay.

DiLeCtioN4026d ago

i thought they did too...if they didnt pay them i dont think they will annoucne the xclusive downloadable content

lalaland4026d ago

Take Two confirmed that they had received money for two episodes of exclusive content for GTA IV -- not specifically from MS.

But the only announced exclusive content for GTA IV is for X360... Sooo...

Mike134nl4026d ago

actually they did report that the money wasn't paid yet, but that there has been made a agreement, in which they would pay for the extra content after delivery, which seems more logically knowing Microft large army of lawyers.
If I remember it correctly Microsoft coy also didn't give full closure on the ammount of 50 million saying it could be less.

eXplotion4027d ago

if they didnt pay w00t ps3 gettin exclusive content what do xbots have to say now??

toughNAME4027d ago

exclusive content or not
chances are GTA will look better on 360 than on the PS3

BBsin4027d ago

and chances are since Rockstar has stated they were having a difficult time fitting everything into a single DVD, the game would run better on a BluRay disk.

AngryTypingGuy4026d ago

You mean like BluRay has helped every other game [not] run better?

supnub54026d ago

Rockstar has stated that the two versions will be exactly the same, they also said, not only they were having problems with fitting it on last gen DVD9, they also couldn't get a lot on in game content because not every 360 has a hdd, plus blu-ray only provides more space, it can't make the game run bad, so shut up xbox owner (very mature :)

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Hatchetforce4027d ago

I don't think Rockstar would build the exclusive content THEN get the money from MS when it is finished. No game developer in their right mind works like that.

MattFoley4027d ago

could be that under contract the money is not paid till the game comes out and programming the extra content begins. Or in installments during production. Who knows.

COCK4027d ago


otherZinc4027d ago

They dont need GTA this holiday season, they have enough big games. On the other hand, SONY needs GTA bad because thats all they have that will sell 1million copies this season.

The PS3 needs the game the most and when it does come out it will run against MGS & kill it, just like it did the year MGS 3, GTA, & HALO hit stores. MGS got killed that holiday season.

Looks like some history is about to repeat itself. HALO 3 can carry the 360 but it doesnt have to: BIOSHOCK & MASS EFFECT will help along with others.

DJ4027d ago

Sony has 3 times that many. But Sony needs GTA more, right? =P

Hatchetforce4027d ago

Why is it all the industry people disagree with you? GTA would have been bigger for MS. Instead, they have to flaunt GTA and their DLC against GTA on the PS3, Killzone 2, LA Noir, the unnamed PS3 exclusive, and MGS4.

I'll go with the industry on this one and say the delay hurts both but it hurts MS more.

Silver3604026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

The games you named don't come out until next year. And as for Lair the reviews are smacking that game silly. They state the game is rouge squadron with dragons and the dragons handle like X-Wings not dragons.

beavis4play4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

i think heavenly sword, ratchet and clank and uncharted will do very well and keep ps3 players happy. aren't you concerned about halo overshadowing bioshock and mass effect? and, give a short list (with tentative release dates) of exclusive or first party titles that are going to be huge releases in 2008 for x360. i don't think you can.......but i can give you a list for the ps3 that will be mega blockbusters. ha! -hey silver360;you say that the dragons handle like x-wings and not dragons? how would anyone know what either handle like--SINCE NEITHER OF THEM REALLY EXIST.

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