Is Microsoft losing the Xbox 360 PR battle?

Forget how well the hardware and software stack up. Is it the PR gaffs and disappointing marketing decisions that cost companies sales in the multi-billion dollar gaming market?

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TriggerHappy4063d ago

ATM, yeah they were with the recent problems surrounding the 360, the whole media was against them but i think they are getting their grove back now..

ShiftyLookingCow4063d ago

I dont know whats up with the retarded HDMI cable bs, since its digital a moderate quality $10 cable(using it for my PS3 and it looks great) will do fine.

IPlayGames4062d ago

people complain about a 1x purchase if a HDMI cable but i never here people talk about the mulit. batteries or charge packs u have to buy to use M$ controllers.

Husso4063d ago


how the hell do you spin that in a positive way ?

ReBurn4063d ago

Makes an awesome night light?

Actually, the way you spin it is by giving customers the assurance that the problem will be taken care of if something happens to it. That's enough for most people.

Nameless4063d ago

Is loosing its mojo. Yes I believe it is or possibly already has

Anego Montoya FTMFW4063d ago

Makes an awesome night light?

thats hilarious.

okcomputer4063d ago

Actually no, that isn't enough for most people. There is no way to spin that. The only way to fix the negative pr is to give people a product they can actually rely on. Trust me, "it won't break" sounds a whole lot better than "if it breaks we'll fix it fast".

ReBurn4063d ago

Who out there can actually say that their stuff is never going to break? I mean, really?

Gil4063d ago

It's "Inigo Montoya". If you have to steal your user name from a movie, at least check the spelling of the character's name you are using.

beavis4play4062d ago

i agree. the RROD and disc scratching issues. you can't spin these. nor should they even try. they should be trying to FIX THESE PROBLEMS. also, they seem to be putting all of their PR into halo3 to the point that the console and its' other games don't exist. better that they re-focus on their system and ALL THEIR GAMES;not just one.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4062d ago

thats quite an assumtion there Gil.
i know how its spelled.
and i know why i spelled it the way i did.

keep judging people.

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tplarkin74063d ago

Microsoft does have the hardware problem, but they have responded to it well. Rather than bury the truth, they admitted the design flaw and own up to it.

Sony has had the worst PR in video game history since E3 2006. When has there been any positive news about Sony since then?

Nintendo has had the best PR and I'm shocked. The average Joe knows about the Wii, and that shows good PR.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4063d ago

"Sony has had the worst PR in video game history since E3 2006. When has there been any positive news about Sony since then"

stop living in the past.


PSN update.
Rockstar exclusive(s).
Exclusive after exclusive.
MGS4 exclusive.
Every First Party Game.
G4 likes them now.
Price Drop.
Sales Rise.

that about the last month.
what else were you expecting?

Blood_Spiller4063d ago

Sony's had some pretty good PR for the last couple of months. They really pulled out all the tricks at E3. When Jack gave Kaz a hard time about Ridge Racer I think that was one of the best PR moves I've seen lately.

Bathyj4063d ago

Yeah, after a year and a half we threatened with lawsuits.

Its good they're finally doing the right thing but I see no reason to praise them for that. Honestly its that bad they should just about do a full recall. If it was a car or something a bit more life threatening there would be no debate, it would be a guarantteed recall.

And Sony have had nothing but good news since GDC. Where have you been?

sonarus4063d ago

dude common. don't be a fanboy. Msoft didnt own up to this issue for about 1 1/2 yr and they knew its was faulty long before then. Sony has had the worst PR in the history of gaming?? Ever since E3 2006 thats like 1 yr get serious. In case you havnt noticed, upon all the bad press after bad press for the ps3, sony has done a good job because they have at least convinced a significant number of people since e3 to buy their console.
I just can't wait for warhawk to hit, IMO the first truly original and solid title since the ps3 launched.

Maddens Raiders4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

noone is questioning whether or not SNE has had problems in the past. We know they did...hell all companies do at some point. It all comes down to how they handle it. From rootkit debacles and drm mangmn't, laptop batteries, the rash of early (battleship) PS2 failures, the problems with Kotaku, Lik-Sang, E3 KILLZONE '05, to the recent little wierd bugginess of the PSN EU store DLC games. But imo, time and time again SNE has moved to quickly shut these stupid incidents down and deliver and if that means throwing money at the problem sooner than later, then so be it...but don't let it drag, and drag, and drag out in the public eye's......this is suicide folks....

There's a whole helluva lot of people that aren't on N4G and can't recognize what's real and what's bunk...and that kind of perception is difficult to sway without massive PR efforts...

I can't believe it, but I think they are really starting to listen to what the hell we're complaining about. If not they're doing a good job of fooling me at the time, because the PS3 and PSN has delivered in my house, and I know it will only get better. This is barely a 9 month year old infant who was delayed at birth, built it's online from scratch (and is free), is expensive, has yet to receive the pipeline of games lined up, has endured an endless tsunami of bad press, and yet it's already dealing beautifully with it's counterpart in the nex-gen will only get better and better

Besides, this story is about MS's bad PR, not SNE's. =]

beavis4play4062d ago


Gorgon4062d ago

Beavis is right. MS never admited there is a problem.

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Maddens Raiders4063d ago

it's just too bad that the person that was getting them to that point decided to bail for EA and get the hell out of that volcano.

ReBurn4063d ago

Something tells me that decision was made for him. It appears that the 360 is going through a major PR overhaul, and as part of that the face of the system had to change. New games, new hardware configuration, new public face.

Maddens Raiders4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )


We'll see how it all goes from here out. What was the name of that new guy again anyway?