Miyamoto Hints At Early Japanese Release For Mario Galaxy

Gamers know Mario Galaxy is due for release on November 12 in the U.S. But what about everywhere else? What about Japan, when will they see it? What about Europe, will they get it at all? From the latest Famitsu, read on to see what Miyamoto had to say regarding the game's Japanese release date...

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MK_Red4022d ago

Even if the Japanese version comes sooner, it still won't helps most of us non-J gamers since Wii is not region free and Free loaders no longer work. And there are regions still waiting for Super Paper Mario...

tonsoffun4022d ago

Yeah man, Us Brits have had trauma centre Wii released here 2 days ago! And I believe that super paper mario is getting released sometime in sept!

don't get me wrong, I love my Wii but this is just ridiculous.

Ninty's european release schedule is woeful for europeans. Ninty always does this to the european territories and I believe that it will eventually bite them on the a$$.

Poor showing for Ninty overall.

socomnick4022d ago

miyamoto reminds me of peter pan , or a Japanese version of Michael jackson. Don't ask me why he just does.

djt234022d ago

yes i cant wait for this game *it Mario time*

s8anicslayer4022d ago

remember when the n64 easn't doing well in japan so nintendo showed us all the love,now they get the times have changed

unsunghero284022d ago

Yes, this is really an unusual occurrence in the gaming world...

jinn4021d ago

where in the world are the wii games for the cat's sake? meow! nintendo has failed in the next generation. R.I.P.

Rooftrellen4020d ago

I don't quite understand. If you look, you will see some of the best games comming out for the Wii in the near future.

Besides the Holy Trinity (Mario, Metriod, Brawl), Fire Emblem doesn't disappoint. No More Heroes should be out early next year and is looking pretty good. Dragon Quest Sowrds will no doubt make its way around the world after its totally insane success in Japan. Disaster should be out sometime next year, though when is questionable.

Sadness is still supposed to be out this year or early next. Updates on it are few and far between, so we might not see it that soon, but because updates are rare, for all we know, its done and just waiting to suprise us, too. My guess is mid to late next year, with graphics that will really show what the Wii can pull off.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles doesn't have a release date to my knowledge, but I would bet sometime next year.

Oh, and all those games for the Wii you asked about, they're all exclusives, unlike most of the good games that PS3 and 360 share, so not only are the good games comming, but many are going to be experiances you can't get anywhere else.

Who cares if some, or all, of those games don't get released everywhere at the same time? If I had to wait until winter '08, I would, for games like that!