DS vs. 3DS Graphical Comparison: Does the 3DS really improve upon its predecessor?

AceGamez writes: "Until now, much of the hype surrounding the 3DS has (quite rightly) focused upon the handheld’s unique stereoscopic capabilities — the system’s ability to take two-dimensional images and transform them into mind-blowing 3D. However, as our recent hands-on with the device proved, the 3DS is a powerful piece of kit indeed. How, then, does the 3DS compare to its older brother, the DS? And does it still impress once stripped of its sexy 3D? AceGamez investigates…"

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Kalowest2842d ago

The 3DS is looking powerful.

catguykyou2842d ago

That's like saying, does the PS3 really improve over the PS2...

CobraKai2842d ago

It does. I most Wii games seriously don't look as good.

matey2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

look at the screen for metroid other m the 3ds can dream for that in 60fps and galaxy 2 for that matter

ABizzel12841d ago

3D gamecube vs. Nintendo 64.

Natsu X FairyTail2842d ago

N3DS will be the best selling next gen(the one coming after psp and ds) portable console.

Yall better start Pre-ordering or stacking money because they gon fly off the shelves early.

Bloodyghost2842d ago

...BUT I FUCKING WANT ONE! Sign me up for Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid Rising and the new Unnanoucned game by XCOM devs.

coolman2292841d ago

Do you mean Metal Gear Solid The Naked Sample? Rising is for PS360. But yes, the 3DS has an incredible lineup

Stealth20k2842d ago

This is going to be the ps2 of portables.

Its going to get shit loads of games in every genre, and every company will support it

Stealth20k2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Whoever disagrees is just in denial of how big this is going to be.

The graphics of a gamecube in a portable with support from every company. A physical medium.

Nintendo the past,present, and future portable king

GodHandDee2842d ago

Better gfx than the ds is NOT a hard thing to do :S

Bloodyghost2842d ago

Doing it better in 3D is.

Can not wait to see the gfx of a game thats been rendered without the 3d and optimized for better performance so I can see some near HD graphic caps.

OpenGL2842d ago

It doesn't take that much to render in 3D, especially with the 3DS' low resolution 400x240 display. Also, you won't see "near HD graphics caps" as the GPU in this system is still far behind the G71 based RSX in the PS3 and R500 based Xenos in the 360.

SpaceFox2842d ago

Damn, the differences are huge. I really can't wait for the 3DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.