Enemies & Allies of All Gamers: Jack Thompson & EA vs Bill Gates & Japan

The Enemies:
Jack Thompson:
F**k Jack Thompson. You all know who he is: that ambulance chaser that makes a habit of suing video game companies when someone's kid shoots their arm off with an AK-47.

The Friends:
Steve Balmer and Bill Gates:
It's a shame that these two knuckle-heads are such bastards when it comes to running a business. After all, the unofficial Microsoft logo is "F**k you and everyone who looks like you."

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MK_Red4027d ago

Isn't that the best opening line? "F*** Jack Thompson"! But one thing that the article forgot is to add Arny the California gov to the list who is into serious anti-gaming buseiness these days insead of doing his real job.
Also another problem I have with the list is that how could they not put Ken Kutaguri, Will Wright, Steven Spielberg & Samuel L Jackson there.

ShiftyLookingCow4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Good list except Test Drive at least Unlimited wasn't sh!tty and some trolling "So, too, will Sony fall into disrepair thanks to the overpriced junkpile that is the PlayStation 3."

MK_Red4026d ago

I agree but they're talking about new Atari as a whole. They also released the great Indigo Prophecy but didn't put use money and attention to hype that masterpiece while doing much more for some of their worse games. They kinda do what EA does, except EA always wins money while Atari has been losing lots of money lately.

DrPirate4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Microsoft? A friend of gamers? Rapage microtransactions (bloody frigging wallpapers and avatars), price gouging X-Box Live and Games for Windows Live wrecking the greatness that is traditional PC gaming all say "Hello".

Not that Sony is any better, but the true "allies" of gamers are developers like Insomniac Games who promote video games mainstreaming into society and donate 500$ every 3 weeks to a video game charity called Child's Play which supplies video games to sick children.People are forgetting that games aren't just an outlet for violence, but are a method of forgetting our troubles. If it can make a dieing child forget their pain, why would anyone want to hurt that?

Another "friend" of gaming is Penny Arcade, their method of unifying the community with their unique sense of style and humour goes overlooked. Their PAX event and their Child's Play program, gifting video games to sick children (What Insomniac donates too) deserves great commendation. Penny Arcade looks at all gamers as one, not Sony Fanboys, MS Fanboys, Hardcore Gamers, or Casuals, to them, we are all just gamers, and that's what they poke fun at. It's is we who have forgotten that in the end, we are all really just fans of the same hobby.

How about Nintendo, showing that video games can be fun and non-violent? That maybe not every gamer dreams about killing mass armies of human beings and that we just like to escape the stresses and demands of our world to enjoy ourselves. People willingly accept Nintendo's substituted realities no matter how outlandish they are because at times, even they make more sense then some of the things we people deal with in real-life.

How about Valve? Doing what Games for Windows Live does, but free? Such dedication in their work and to their fans only goes parralleled by companies like Epic games who launch free massive content packs for their games almost yearly. With the Beta launch of the Steam Community creating a new group for PC gaming enthusiasts to meet and inviting newbies to discover this greatness for themselves, The Steam store; cutting out the middleman from those price gouging bastards at Gamestop and Ebgames and offering us lower prices for new and vintage PC games under a unified platform for PC games, Steam is revolutionary to PC gaming. Not to mention, they're a superb developer who know a thing or two about a good value.

Major Nelson, setting an example of how a higher up communicates with their user base sa if they are not underlings, but gamers just as himself. This allows him to understand and manage the community. Because of Major Nelson, Sony set up a blog, and it may have inspired plenty of other game developers to set up their own blogs as a means of communicating with their audience. Bethesda's blog is a great example of this.

This list fails at life. Those enemies? Who gives a crap about them, let all those fogies rot in hell and never be heard of again. Pity on their souls who will never understand what a joy a videogame can give. I win. I could think of several more groups of people who try to give gamers a better image and further integrate our lifestyle into mainstream.

Edit: Before you all kill me with OMG YOU SAID XBOX LIVE PRICE GOUGES. It does, you can argue with me until your blue in the face: Cross game invites, you can chat through any game: multiplayer or singleplayer through at any time, all the demos you get, achievements, the matchmaking. All that sh!t is free you c0cksuckers (Silver accounts get all of that), you're paying 50 dollars for P2P multiplayer. Playstation 3 users get dedicated servers FREE with games that support them. Cross game invites and all that shabang are coming soon along with their kickass lineup of epic and cinametic games and Playstation Home. Contrary to popular belief it's not "Second Life Clone", it's just Xbox live with a 3d user interface. Point is,we still get it free. Also, I just bought Mario Strikers Charged for Wii. That game works online with no lag and for free.

Edit2: The pre-rebuttal: Why did I say Sony isn't any better and glorify them afterwards? Don't worry, I have some for them too, they aren't off the hook. They're the sh!theads who had the gull to release a system fully knowing it wasn't getting any games for 1 whole year afterwards, also, they're the @sshats who had 1 year on the competition to match and exceed the feature set of the console that posed the greatest competition with them, and what now? Only now are we slowly starting to see them with bloody firmware updates. It's a load of bullocks I swear to God, on both company's parts.

Only bloody company that knows what they're doing are Valve.

MattFoley4026d ago

You had me tell you talked about systems as did he. The fact is we will never know the depths at which a list like this could go because im more then sure that the biggest contributers are the ones in the limelight.Valve is a really good example. Orange box being 4 or 5 games for sixty bucks when most companies would release them one by one getting as much money as possible but not valve.

Also I totally agree with your Wii statement as well. Bringing gameing to the masses like that is whats going to change peoples perspectives on the industry as a whole. Games like GOW, RFOM, and GTIV only help to justify Jack T's persception of the link between violence and video games.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4026d ago

Some of these are true. The Article is written funny too lol.

"Of course, unlike the real pope, Miyamoto-san isn't a Nazi"

"ut don't be ashamed, Mr. Fatty fat fat fat fat fatty fat fat fat: smarter men than you have defined art incorrectly over the years"

just lol.

PS. I think Bill Gates and Co should be in enemy just like EA. They release buggy and faulty items and milk money out of gamers. Now why I need to buy Windows Vista to have DX10? Why I need to upgrade yet again after 6 months just because of Vista? Why games don't even work on Vista too! Good thing MAC is releasing DX10 Computers.

ShiftyLookingCow4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

and you still need Vista to play them. MS or rather graphics guys at MS are actually good guys, recently OpenGL Spec 3 was adopted and it had important features from DirectX 10(none of current hardware incl. PS and latest PC cards support OpenGL 3)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4026d ago

Throw away your DX10 cards DX 10.1 is out! PANIC

ShiftyLookingCow4026d ago

if you know anything they are not coming anytime soon(faster DX10 cards are coming though) and since about 2% own DX10, nobody is going to make DX10.1 game

WilliamRLBaker4026d ago

that was one of the worst articles i've ever sucked...