Not so limited…

Publishers always want you to buy the limited edition version.
But don’t fall for their trap.

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tdogchristy902680d ago

I definatly see your point, and it's one of the reasons I've never bought in to the special editions. They do tend to be all junk and really aren't that limited. However, the halo reach limited edition will be my first limited edition i've ever purchased.

Arnon2679d ago

The Halo: Reach limited edition is actually limited. The statues that are inside of the Legendary Edition are modeled by McFarlane, and honestly, most of their major pieces of work are never mass produced.

MerkinMax2679d ago

The Halo Reach statues are hand painted... They can not be mass produced to the extent of Master Chief's helmet where it's just simple assembly. The Reach limited edition is actually limited and is art.

STK0262679d ago

My local futureshop had the GTA4 limited edition, the Resistance 2 CE, the FallOut 3 CE and the Halo 3 one as well, many months after the release of each game. What was funny is that at one point, the Resistance 2 Collector's edition was, for about 2 or 3 days, about half the price of the regular edition of the game.

big_silky2679d ago

Last time I checked my local Gamestop still had GTA4, Fallout 3, Resistance 2 and even Brothers in Arms special editions floating around.

Blacktric2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

"What do you get in those limited edition video games? Well, you probably will get a statue, a map, a soundtrack CD, and probably some sort of art book.

In other words, bunch of JUNKS. However, I’m not a limited edition hater. In fact, I loved a well produce limited edition video game, such as StarCraft 2, or BlazBlue."

StarCraft 2 came with an Artbook, Soundtrack CD, A USB Memory Stick shaped as Jim Raynor's Dogtag and which also happens to contain first Starcraft and its expansion. Halo: Reach comes with the same things but instead of a USB stick it comes with Statue. What's the "major" difference between these Collector's Editions Mr. Poor Article Writer?

Blacktric2678d ago

It was 1 disagree 4 hours ago and now its 4. What happened? Did you get butthurt and created 3 other fake accounts to disagree?

Nike2679d ago

And now I'm right: GT 5's limited edition was not mentioned. What's wrong, article writer? Didn't want to lose the N4G views?

dragon822679d ago

Paranoid much? Not everything has to be about Xbox 360 vs PS3. Give it a rest already.

Theonik2679d ago

Based on the article the GT5 limited editions fit the bill of a good le. They have useful stuff like the car guide and the competition entry on the signature edition, and they are truly limited as is proven by the fact that they contain an numbered certificate of authenticity.

RedSky2679d ago


The Lazy One2679d ago

I think limited editions are starting to get more interesting. They used to be a fancy case with an extra little booklet, which wasn't really worth it. Now they are getting quite cool. If I had a steadier more significant source of income atm, I'd be getting probably ever limited edition I could get my hands on as there are some very cool ones now.

DaTruth2679d ago

I never cared about limited or special editions and never bought any, but if I wish I would have reserved that Demon's Souls limited edition just because it is one of my favourite games and the artbook would have been awesome!

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Emmettcelticfan2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Killzone 2 which was a tin case nothing more but i got it for £30 on launch day from good old shopto.
And Resident evil 5 limited edition which again was only a tin case, but again only cost me £30 on launch from shopto.
Majority of these higher priced limited editions and mostly full of useless crap. MW2 for example came with nigh stalker NVG's. i also agree with the author many of these "limited" editions are over produced and aren't really that rare.
On another industy I purchased the new U2 remix album Artifcial horizon on triple LP format which was printed to match the pre order number only and will never be printed again, that is what i consider limted edition

DelbertGrady2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Halo 2 had a tin case edition as well. I loved it until a friend stepped on it lol.

I only buy Ltd ed if they are the same price as the regular version, or just a tiny bit pricier, which sometimes is the case. I bought both Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield BC 2 ltd ed because they came with lots of free dlc and didn't cost more than the regular edition (where I bought them).

But at the same time the regular editions shouldn't be gimped, as is the case with BF BC 2. On the contrary I do love the GOTY editions that come with dlc packs included. Like Fallout 3.

DaTruth2679d ago

Congratulations!!! You got through a whole post without calling out fanboys!!!

Now try going back to back! You can remember or experience for the first time what it is to actually discuss videogames on a videogames website!

SeanRL2680d ago

Fallout 3 limited edition was worth it for me.

dragon822679d ago

Same here. I love my tin lunch box and bobble head. I have the Fallout New Vegas CE on pre-order as well.

tomsau2679d ago

Was worth it for me too, until i saw it for about £15 brand new (that's about $20)
I shit you not =/

Newtype2679d ago

I believe the Uncharted 2 Limited Edition was an actual limited edition. I believe they did not sell it for retail, but had to get through auctions, contests, or pre order only.

Theonik2679d ago

Yep, but that was only for the US. Really sucky. The Eu got a steel-book edition which included golden guns for MP in stores.

Weaksauce11382679d ago

Demons souls was a rather limited CE

rdgneoz32679d ago

And the Demons' Souls CE was useful. Strat book with soundtrack (love the music to that game) and a nice art book for it too.

Bits-N-Kibbles2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I bought the regular version and got an art book and the soundtrack. Last one at the store though since they didn't expect it to be such a hit, might as well have been limited edition at the time.

commander2678d ago

Demons souls wiki page is far more useful because u dont have to flip through pages. All you do is type what ur looking for and bam. This is coming from a guy who Platinum'd the game only using the wiki page. Its nice but not necessary.

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