David Jaffe: Twisted Metal Doc Filming Now

David Jaffe writes: "Ain't video chat great? I'm doing all the interview questions from home in San Diego while the camera crew films the guys responding out in Utah! Sweet!

I'll be doing my bit in LA next week, along with the co-writer of the Twisted storyline, and one of the key concept artists for the series (who is now a concept designer for Halo 3 at Bungie!) it seems like we're gonna get some great fan videos coming in, so that- along with tons of old concept art, toys, video, and other behind the scenes stuff we've uncovered- should make for a good package! I'm jazzed!"

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MK_Red4026d ago

Can't wait for that TM doc. I'm still a bit disappointed that he is porting PSP TM to PS2 instead of making a brand new TM for PS3 but hey, if he is working on this TM for PS2, it must be good. David is the man.

socomnick4026d ago

Twisted metal documentary. Does this game even merit a documentary ? I played all of them and only thought the games to be ok not that amazing. Must have a cult following.

Kleptic4026d ago

definitely...TM2 is the absolute best offline multiplayer imo still to this day...I can remember countless all-nighters with friend's when that game released (followed by Goldeneye soon after)...

TM Black was great some ways better...but I wasn't 13 that may have been why we never got into it like TM2...

ChanDangle4026d ago

The only twisted metal game I liked was 2 everything after was just dull.

Shaka2K64026d ago

' ' The only twisted metal game I liked was 2 everything after was just dull. ' '

TM Black > TM2.

And no theres no such thing as a bad TM they are all always tons of fun.

Kleptic4024d ago

TM III and TM4 all sucked to the nth degree...

I never played TM Small Brawl either...not sure about who made that last one, but Singletrac/Incog and jaffe did not make 3 and 4 for sure...and it showed...they sucked big time...

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