PS3 Update Version 2.00 Info (Rumour)

The thevideogamingreport has be through various message boards searching for posts with information on the upcoming PS3 v2.00. Since the information are coming from message boards, it's strongly advised that readers take this with a grain of salt.

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Bathyj4061d ago

I think we'll be seeing more than that in the 2.0 update. He told us more stuff that was out then that was in.

XtremedaysX4061d ago

I can't believe Sony is so slow with there PS3..I have owned my PS3 since June of this year the early part of June that is..But I haven't seen any really good Downloads except copycats from the 360! Sure we got Ninja Gaiden Sigma,-But how long ago was it that we got a really good demo?.Hmm the last one was July 25-August-2?.And that was The Darkness along with Heavenly Sword and now Ghost Recon 2 Warfighter.But I still can't believe they don't have a update patch to fix the Blue Tooth Headsets and being able to move my music into my games!...This is pathetic coming from Sony I mean the PS3 was I repeat not cheap!..I certainly hope this update patch 2.00 is a big one! otherwise the PS3 is lame!.Peace!

Mu5afir4061d ago

I hope you didn't buy a Ps3 for the purpose of just updating it's firmware. o.O

Hatchetforce4061d ago

Well Mu5afir, Sony is a hell of a lot faster with updates than is MS.

Captain Tuttle4061d ago

Wasn't 2.0 supposed to originally supposed to be out in March? Or was it May?

WilliamRLBaker4061d ago

They aren't faster, they just like giving the sonybots a illusion of betterment by splitting what could be big upgrades into a bunch of smaller ones.

Which is why they have an update each month or 2 any more it seems.

Madmax12819804061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

well i suppose microsoft dont release firmware updates all the time bcoz there console came out of the box with most of the features from the start that sony is updating every month so they dont have to update as much as sony.

Mu5afir4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Don't you think it's better for them to test out the firmware updates rather then just send them out randomly. Resulting in some terrible bricking problems, that have been present with the 360. I am sure any 360 owner who got his 360 bricked due to a firmware update will agree.

@ Hatchetforce
The 360 had the exact same interface as the Ps3 when it first came out. NO background downloads etc.. it developed these things through firmware updates that have been occurring randomly for the pats 1 Year 8 Months.

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aaquib24061d ago

I hope that its true, with in-game XMB ofcourse.

geachy4061d ago

If this is real it will be amazing

akaFullMetal4061d ago

would be cool, but im going to wait for some credible info on this, so i wouldnt get to excited, but yea be nice

Mucudadada4061d ago

I don't think we are seeing 2.0 till Home launches, which leads me to believe that there will be a smaller (1.95?) update soon with minor upgrades.

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The story is too old to be commented.