Sierra Press Release: Prototype not so Prototypical

Sierra today announced that they are working on a new title for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC which they describe as a "new kind of open-world game, featuring a rich story line of conspiracy, deception and deadly shape shifting action."

The game is being developed by Radical Entertainment, the folks behind Crash of the Titans and Scarface, and tells the story Alex Mercer, a man haunted by his past, fighting a secret war in New York City. There's action, there's conspiracy, and there's that deadly shape-shifting action, which is auto-hot. Apparently this shape-shifting power will allow the lead character to morph into people he meets in the game and steal their skills or powers.

Full press release after the jump.

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unsunghero284060d ago

Crash of the Titans?


I was psyched about this game, but that devlopment studio has not exactly been getting a great rap...

CNIVEK4059d ago

Scarface was largely considered a success, even as a late release on last-gen hardware, with limited release. And please tell me you've played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction???? If not, you have NO BUSINESS commenting on this site. :o

The Snake4059d ago

Many development studios don't start with much money. They make a couple of not-so-great games for a publisher, build up money doing that, and eventually have enough money to make the game they want to make.

This game looks promising.

DeadlyFire4059d ago

This could be their first big bang title and could help them out greatly. The game looks amazing so far at least graphically.