12 Minutes Of Blood & Gore: Clive Barker's Jericho Video Preview

Here is a 12 minute preview of Clive Barker's Jericho. The preview is in French but the gameplay is international.

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MK_Red3940d ago

I really love this game but I fear it will be slaughtered during its release and could be lost among all famous sequels and heavy hitters and the fact that CodeMasters, its publisher isn't doing much to hype this game worries me even more.
Even during E3, the only site that noticed this game was GameTrailers and they instantly found the potential in it and nominated it for best FPS game.

BlackTigea3940d ago

Your right, oo I like to play this game in the dark and scare the c*** out of myself when the game release. Thank you GT for revealing such a game that is over shadow By Other Great games we all love and hate hehe.
MK_Red = ownage I had to say it ^__^!

Antan3940d ago

You can`t see in the video`s released or screenshots so far but when you see 1st hand there is a cracking depth of field effect, on the background, adds a nice layer of polish to the whole thing.

Douche3940d ago

Clive Barker's a sick man. That boss in the end was disgusting. This look like a pretty good game but this was a poor demonstration to some extent. The guy playing it was so sketchy. Whether I rent it or buy, I'm gonna at least play it. I definately have to see more before making that decision.