Midway Unveils GC Lineup

Midway Games, the leading games developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for major videogame systems and personal computers, have officially unveiled their Leipzig Game Convention line up for this month.

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MK_Red3908d ago

Nice find but dammit, will they ever show that Mortal Kombat 8 for PS3/360 that IGN talked about?

TriggerHappy3908d ago

We probably wont see nothing regarding Mortal Kombat until next year or late this year

MK_Red3908d ago

Sadly its true. But back in mid 2006 IGN announced MK8 and the fact that MK team has been working for 3 months on it. Then came the news of MK8 using Unreal Engine 3 with Gears look and then nothing...

Bloodmask3908d ago

has sucked ever since part 2. I would say part 3 was "OK" and that is being generous.

With their latest dud (Hour of Victory) rating 2/10 I have lost faith in Midway.

Take MK back to it's roots and I will buy it. The last great game I played from Midway was Hydrothunder on Dreamcast.

MK_Red3908d ago

Gotta disagree. While non of later MK games reached the fame and quality of MK2, they have been mostly great games (Aside from terrible Special Forces Spin-off) and I enjoyed them all. MK5: Deadly Alliance got 8.5 from IGN and 8.1 from GS while MK:Deception got the best fighter of E3 and the year from both GS and IGN and it scored 8.8 and 8.5 from them.
MK after MK3 is not the monster it used to be (Sadly) but it never fully fell. The only weak MK game was MK7: Armageddon which was really rushed and most of the team was working on MK8 back then.
And come on, didn't you have fun with MK:Shaolin Monk?

Ok, I end my MK fanboy comment here. Just my thoughts.

socomnick3908d ago

bloodmask have you tried the stranglehold demo that will restore your confidence its freaking awesome lol ive played the demo so many times and every time I play I end up doing some crazy thing that I wouldn't have though possible like shooting a bucket with a shotgun straight at someones face.

TriggerHappy3908d ago

Say...i dont agree with you but i will agree to make my point.

If all the passed MK games sucked, the upcoming one is what will get you back in the game based on the interviews with the developer and the lil information known about it...Nuff said.

unsunghero283908d ago

I thought for a sec the title meant Midway was revealing its GameCube lineup...

PStriple7033908d ago

only has a ps3 sign next to it...

Darkiewonder3908d ago

The ps3 Version will be the one shown. but When it does get released. it'll be ps3 and pc.

Not a sign of Exclusivity unless you count timed exclusive.

TriggerHappy3908d ago

Thats because , it is exclusive to the system the whole of this year. oh yeah and the PC too

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