BioShock "surprise announcement" this Sunday: downloadable plasmids?

There has been speculation as to what the surprise announcement for Bioshock will include when it is revealed on Sunday. A source (said to be reliable) tells Games Radar that it has to do with downloadable content for the console version. More specifically, downloadable plasmids.

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Dr Pepper3942d ago

It will be interesting to see if:

a) It's true (I have a feeling it might be).

b) If this will remain for the Xbox 360 version only.

xaphanze3942d ago

I guess they wont mention the ps3 version of the game =(.

Xeoset3942d ago

Because there isn't one.

If anyone believes the crap they spew on PSU, probably the most biased source on the internet, then they should seek help.

batman2million3942d ago

crossing my fingers for a xbox live demo!!1

ShiftyLookingCow3942d ago

this is one of those games like Mass Effect and Ratchet, demo is not really necessary but appreciated

xhi43942d ago

on the ps3? i fink so :D

Razzy3941d ago

I'd like to see Bioshock come to the PS3 but I can't see that being the announcement. It would piss of M$ big time if that was the announcement just before the 360 release. It'll be about DLC most likely.

Funky Town_TX3942d ago

I have a 360 and plan to get a PS3. I think Bioshock will be a good game. I want all gamers to have a good game to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.