Halo 3 Answers From Bungie: Female Voice, 1080p & Halo Uprising Scans

Bungie posts:
"Sometimes we take a break from the normal update format to answer pressing questions that you, the people, need answers to. Today is just such a day:

1) Is there a kind of server list (browser) for custom games?
2) Is the Halo Xbox 360 using the 65 nm chip?
3) Does the game support 1080p?
4) Can I make my Spartan / Elite black?
5) Is the armor from Halo 1 unlockable or available Halo 3?
6) In speaking to the press, has Bungie revealed all the available multiplayer weapons, vehicles and equipment currently available in Halo 3? Or could there more surprises?
7) Can you change the weather or time of day in multiplayer?

1) No, we use an improved version of Halo 3 Public Beta's matchmaking with far more options.
2) No idea.
3) Yes, if your system does – through component or HDMI (depending on your TV and 360) and it is (wonderfully) scaled.
4) Not quite. But darker colors are available.
5) We have many unrevealed armor perms, all of which are secret right now.
6) There are surprises left.
7) Nope."

Follow the link for more as well as Halo graphic novel Images.

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Delt44023d ago

I wonder what other suprises could be left in multi. I wish you could change weather on maps that would be sick, or if it was diffrent all the time would be cool like snowbound its a snowstorm then the next time its night and clear. that would be halo-tacular

ParaDise_LosT4023d ago

Halo News Week!!!!!

Arbiter > Master Chief!
Thats right I said it!

Bloodmask4023d ago

It is like a wish list of Halo fans from Halo 2.

All of the new weapons, armor types, and even the equipment is awesome.

Come Sept.25th a lot of fans are going to be happy.

Omegasyde4023d ago

or it Natural 1080p? And if its upscaled wouldn't it be 1080i?

No biggie just wondering. I am just glad they went above 720p!


Lord Anubis4023d ago

") Yes, if your system does – through component or HDMI (depending on your TV and 360) and it is (wonderfully) scaled."


no native 1080p support.

MattFoley4023d ago

The more they reveal the more surprises I think there are.

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The story is too old to be commented.