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Submitted by ljastangs21 2004d ago | video

Halo Reach Zealot Gamplay

Wow what a day! We came accross another great Halo Reach gameplay. First we watched the awesome gameplay on Reflection and now we get to watch one on Zealot. Make sure you watch the whole video. (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

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Independent_Charles  +   2004d ago
the lighting and textures are so good.
hurry up pleeeeasssee
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DrunkenMaster   2004d ago | Spam
lastdual  +   2004d ago
Yeah, it just looks so sleek. And I love the bold colors used in this map and Reflection.

Not every shooter has to have the same old "gritty" aesthetic.
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solideagle1  +   2003d ago
what that electric thing do? he did in start of game? is it to replenish health?

peowpeow  +   2003d ago
Are you talking about Armor lock? It just makes you invulnerable for a short time, though your shields or health don't replenish..that's if your talking about Armor lock of course
munish23  +   2004d ago
That was awesome, the guy playing was actually really good for once. I was hoping for some space action but it didn't happen unfortunately. The DMR is going to be a beast online, and it looks like it requires some skill to use. Just about a month left to go.
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Thrillhouse  +   2004d ago
They still fell for the hologram up the lift ;)

That was absolutely SNEAKY.
ndibu  +   2004d ago
I do not tire of seeing these videos
I've joined the fps bandwagon, starting from the start...Rainbow 6 vegas and GRAW 1...I'll work my way up to Reach by september
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BloodyCHAMP  +   2004d ago
that was sikkkkkkk
seeems like lots has been tweeked since beta, it was definitly not this smoooth, and graphics have been upgraded since beta, this is gonna be such a long wait :(
-MD-  +   2004d ago
It looks exactly like the beta to me. The beta was very well polished for being so far out.
BloodyCHAMP  +   2004d ago
dont think so
ive played more then 250 games of the beta, it was very polished but this the finished products you can tell all the little things they fixed upon it looks much more finished and complete! and go you tube a beta video and compare to this one you will see, this video and the one on reflection look amaaaazing
Chuk5  +   2004d ago
What's the point?
Theirs no point of posting these videos because there a trolls everywhere. People cant even be excited without disagrees unless its gt5 or LBP2. I, for one can't wait. At least MvC3 is troll free.
big_silky  +   2004d ago
Man, DC vs Capcom would have been so much better. DC rules!!! :p
RockmanII7  +   2004d ago
MvC3 stories are troll free, but people here are so ignorant. There are actually people here who think Megaman will be DLC even though he has his own stage on the disc.
karl  +   2004d ago
that isnt entirely true.. im a sony supported and have been since the ps3 came out.. yet im seriously considering getting an xbox to play halo reach..

that doesnt mean that im no longer a sony fan... im just gonna recognize that this game looks really.. really good!>.

but yeah.. to start a comparison with KZ3 graphics or Resistance 2 gameplay... etc etc etc... its pointless right now.. since im not trying to sound fanboyish for once..

sooo... i might be adding a live account to my profile in a few months!..
Anorexorcist  +   2004d ago
Game definately looks good...
but that announcer always spouting how things got annoying real fast.

The crosshairs don't look quite centered as well. Is that normal for the Halo franchise?

What is that at 0:55? Is it like a Last Stand-type element, but if no one finishes you off you get right back up?

Also, is there no sprinting ability in the gaming?

These are honest questions here people. I know some of you will get your huggies in a bunch, so don't.
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ManBearPork  +   2004d ago
The new part about this halo is armour abilities. A special ability you can choose every time you spawn. You can use them whenever you want, and after you use them they need a quick recharge.
- Sprint, easy makes you run
-Jetpack, no explanation needed
-drop shield, drops some kind of force field that heals people inside it.
- evade, makes you able to roll, like in gears of war.
- camo, makes you invisible for a while, but jams both you and your enemies' radar.
-Armor lock, what you called last stand. Makes you invulnerable for a while and gives off an emp. Lets you wait for backup or destroy vehicles.

As far as I know the crosshairs have allways been like this. It's basicly fire from the hip with a crosshair. And if it isn't centered thats alright, because it has never been a problem.
dragonelite  +   2003d ago
Armorlock also redirects missles so you can survive a missle on impact and when lucky you can even kill the guy that shot it.
lastdual  +   2004d ago
The announcer will be more vocal if you're like this guy - constantly getting double kills and going on kill streaks, etc.

And Bungie uses the lower crosshairs to differentiate between line-of-sight and line-of-fire. For instance, unlike in many other shooters, just because your head pops up over a shoulder-height wall, that doesn't mean your bullets (shot from a gun held at the hip) will also magically go over the wall. Gun-level and eye-level are represented separately.
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SixZeroFour  +   2003d ago
ill try to answer every question in order
that announcer is one of the things that many halo fans love...and when you get good enough, you be joining that announcer everytime aswell, lmao (i do it all the time)

crosshairs on a halo game have always been a little lower than center, and the field of view angle slightly changes with each game, but for the most part, its really not that noticable when playing

at 0:55 the player uses his armor ability (there are different ones as manbearpork mentions at #8.1) in this case its armor lock, you become invincible for as long as you hold it for a max of 5 seconds i think..the trade off being that you cant move for as long as you are in AL mode

there is sprint but not everyone will have it (unless everyone were to choose it) sprint is an armor lock ability and at every death you can choose which one you respawn with

hope that helped
dragonelite  +   2003d ago
Let just say they looked really good to the quake and unreal announcers.
It's something satisfying if you ask me..
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beardpapa  +   2004d ago
The commercial for this game plays so often, I've probably seen it at least 8 times within an hour. Though, I don't get tired of seeing the commercial and the accompanying background music actually makes it quite epic.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2004d ago
Lookin good!! That guy is good, he did really well in the other video on the site earlier today. I'd like to own like that for sure.
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Rezka  +   2004d ago
game looks the same as halo 2 multiplayer, bungie surely had improve over the past years(sarcasm).when will a new halo game play change this looks like another expansion pack just like ODST cant believe people still buy this game bungie should have stopped after halo 2. Halo 2 was the best out of the series hands down.
mercsfan  +   2004d ago
trying to hard

mrcash  +   2003d ago
I know what you mean, that's exactly how I feel about god of war, it's the same damn thing over and over again and people keep on buying these games. /s
Independent_Charles  +   2003d ago
X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,X,O continue for 3 games
AllroundGamer  +   2003d ago
the shield is a kinda lame feature, everyone just needs to count those seconds how long it stays active and then throw a grenade - enemy dead... so it's not such a big lifesaver (the only hope he has is, that another player comes to save him)

@Independent_Charles but still there is a big chance of killing him with a grenade, cause he can't dodge it quickly enough, and i don't think players will turn it off manually, when they see their shield is not yet fully regenerated :) (a psychological thing :D )
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Independent_Charles  +   2003d ago
true but you if your using the shield you can stop it anytime.
SixZeroFour  +   2003d ago
during the beta, my friend (who doesnt have a 360 and came over to my house everyday for that beta) used armor lock a lot when invasion 1st stage, he would go in attacking right side and draw fire and use armor lock, since the opponents used up a lot of ammo, they would reload at this time and i stay close to him and take out 1-2, and id start taking fire, he would go out of AL and help out and clear the rest that was after us...and this was just me and him

if you know how to use the AA, and have ppl you know and communicate with, each aa has its own strengths and weaknesses...with drop shield and hologram in the mix now, i cant wait to see mlg tournaments
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Skadoosh  +   2003d ago
Actually armor lock is very useful. But the thing about Halo is you need teamwork to advance. The noobs that use armor lock by themselves will die all the time. Have great teamwork and it's very useful.
AllroundGamer  +   2003d ago
well i like more of a fairplay one on one, in halo mp there's mostly 2vs1 situations and that's why i prefer more COD kind of games, where i can play lonewolf and still kill many players :D ( i have a 2.46 K/D ratio in MW2 without camping :p )
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Irishboy 1210  +   2003d ago
I so cant wait for this game.. There is no better mp player experience for me. Just a few weeks now till this total awsomeness. Can't wait...

Does anyone think there will be any additional armor abilities other than what was in the beta?

Looking forward to seeing what kind game modes for mp...Bungie are very creative when it comes to building something original
Skadoosh  +   2003d ago
Well so far their is a clone ability which you can see in this video and a medic ability which is kinda like the bubble shield of Halo 3 but your guys regenerate their health if in it. There are more to come.
Skadoosh  +   2003d ago
That just looks too good. I love the clone ability. My favorite fps multiplayer game next to BFBD2.
Irishboy 1210  +   2003d ago
wicked..Need to watch this video again...
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