Quake 3 goes Crysis: 10 year old engine almost at Crysis level

Xreal, an indie project, has the goal to take the 10 year old Quake 3 engine to new visuals heights. Check the video for proof.

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HoltzHolzt2808d ago

this looks sweet, are they gonna release a game with that?

morventhus2808d ago


ATi_Elite2808d ago

Got Dang German website. Every Sunday this and HHGS!!

Unreal Engine sucks.

Nice mod but no where near Crysis level.

Let's not forget that Crysis MAXED out is near PHOTO REALISTIC.

MisterNiwa2808d ago

Every sunday? Cynamite/other german sites are bringing news frequently, and only because you don't understand the real text of the articles, because people use cheap translation methods like Google to post em up, doesnt mean they are always that biased as you people think, this is not the fault of the website at all.

Its just the fault of you people who think that everything that points out something wrong is fanboyism and hate.

Oh and dont you even compare HHG with those websites, because HHG pull his stuff out of his ears.

NarooN2808d ago

You call yourself a PC elitist and call this the "Unreal engine"? Wow, you're a moron. QUAKE doesn't run on the Unreal Engine. It runs on the "id tech 3" engine. Such a massive fail.

trancefreak2808d ago

I was hoping to see some rocket arena or ctf maps but nonetheless I always thought the q3 engine was amazing. If you do play q3 it one of the funnest mplayer games ive ever played. So many LOls too hardcore clan matches and i played that game more than anygame in my life.

To bad hacks killed osp mode and noghost is crap IMO even though it has anti cheats. I know maverick and he did his best to get noghost implemented. I just never liked the feel of version 1.32 always like 1.16 the best.

Kool vid btw

RyuDrinksTheDew2808d ago

wow, that seriously impressive.

fireplace2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Please ban Google Translate and .de domain on N4G.

For screenshots and videos go to working website, official:

Johandevries2808d ago

Actually some German submissions are quite good

peeps2807d ago

cheers for the original. Gonna keep an eye on that, been ages since i played ET lol

Bigpappy2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

no comment

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The story is too old to be commented.