80° gives console buyers advice gives potential gamers the advice they need on buying their next console. no technology babble, and no seeing who's processor is bigger Just straightup facts of what gamers want to know. By the same author that brought you "Redmond...We have a problem"

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San anto3942d ago

hmmmmm with the master chief as an article picture i'm guessin this is gno be some highly biased piece of Sh!t

steriotyp3942d ago

Just so we are on the same page? Master chief is a symbol of gaming. An icon if you will. This is not leaning one way or another. Simply a buyers guide in lamens terms so peepz can find what they are looking for in a system

THAMMER13941d ago

I could not explain it any differnet myself. Good read.

Zhuk3941d ago

good read, fairly unbiased and highlights the strengths of each system

alexander22rednaxela3941d ago

True but, I think they should have talked more about witch console that had the brightest future.

steriotyp3941d ago

This article explains the ins and out of each console. I am the journalist who wrote it and I love to hear feedback on my writings. I will take your suggestion on an article discussing the futures of each console in my next big report. If you would like to contribute to the site, please register and send me, Steriotyp, and message. Later

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