UK Warhawk Release Date: Unconfirmed

With SCEA dodging the question by European gamers in regards to Warhawk's release date, and in addition to many UK retailers over the past week scheduling it for late 2007, it is pretty much all but confirmed that despite Icognito's promise - Warhawk will not be released worldwide on August 28th.

Now several UK retailers have specified a firm date of September 14th. Although this is not confirmed by SCEE, it seems very likely to be accurate.

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Meus Renaissance3995d ago

Warhawk + Heavenly Sword on the same day. It'll be a great Friday

aaquib23995d ago

Sony wouldn't release both on the same day. They are a business, and it wouldn't make sense to release 2 AAA titles on the same day, because it could interfere with sales.

tonsoffun3995d ago

See, I don't really mind if they are both released on the same day - I am going to buy both anyway, so it really does'nt matter when they are released. But I do see your point, it may harm sales, but I think that they are to completely different genres and will do fine.

San anto3995d ago

on another note unreal tournament 3 is available to preorder from the uk argos retailer.
God daem fools get their act straight

Watkins3995d ago

lol, some more luvin for the europeans... wtf

Hades13373995d ago

that Heavenly Sword will be released a week later; therefore we will be getting Warhawk, Heavenly Sword and Lair in consecutive weeks!w00t!! (or the release date is wrong)