Top Ten Unconventional Gaming Weapons

Videogames are violent, but are not taking umbrage with that. No, they are upset with the lack of innovation in weaponry. In an industry where every other game has a weapon with a trigger or a long, sharp blade, crazy, innovative weapons like these are a godsend.

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MK_Red3993d ago

Nice find. But they should have given Dead Rising at least 5 more spots. The ball from Bully can be found in Dead Rising along with other different balls. DR has every unconventional weapon imaginable... God I love that game.

Idmpc3993d ago

I really love the Camera Obscura :)

djt233993d ago

The Red Shell from Mario Kart that a classics

JohnCarpenter3993d ago

There's a lot more for sure. Think about Duke Nukem or Postal 2.