Halo 3: Flamethrower & Firebomb Grenade Revealed

It's one of the most infamous screenshots in Xbox history. An early screen grab showed Master Chief wielding a flamethrower. That awesome weapon never made it into the original Halo or Halo 2, much to the chagrin of fans. Good news Halo faithful, Master Chief will finish the fight packing the ultimate Covenant toasting device. The flamethrower has made its way into Halo 3. You may now call in sick the week of September 25.

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eLiNeS3908d ago

Flame On!!!

I'm bring this to the next flame war! ;-)

eLiNeS3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )


ShiftyLookingCow3908d ago

I was thinking of that too. It should be called "Hell Tap" - Fresh Fires from the boiling depths of Hell

Tackle9903909d ago

Wow, this is awesome...

(Also dont forget to check the second page of that article.)

Rattles3909d ago

with a flamethrower is good to me and man that thing looks BADASS

batman2million3909d ago

my god..does it ever stop?! we just keep hearing more n more n more about this game!!

i can't wait!!

MoonDust3909d ago

Everyday there is news about it.

cookiemonster3909d ago

f*ckin awesome. this can give ratchet and clank a run for it's money in terms of sheer number of weapons