Wipeout XL: Coming Soon For The Playstation Store?

Compared to Japan the Playstation Store in North America is rarely updated with new PS1 games. Perhaps that's about to change. The ESRB has a rating up for Wipeout XL as a PS3/PSP game and Wipeout XL originally came out as a PS1 game. Unless Sony is planning a remake (very unlikely!) of Wipeout XL the PS1 game is coming to the Playstation Store, hopefully with a handful of other titles.

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DJ3910d ago

I still have my PS1 copy, and the music is awesome!

s8anicslayer3910d ago

bring it soon, we need some psn extras

Shaka2K63910d ago

This game is so much fun, the kig of future racers.

BlackCountryBob3910d ago

This was meant to be released in the UK store about 3 weeks ago (as Wipeout 2097) but was mysteriously pulled, good game though and I hope Sony pull their finger out and get some PS1 games on the EU store as at the moment there are I think only 4 (you think USA is neglected!)

Armyless3910d ago

Nevermind you're getting a premier, stylistic, slicker-than-snot racer.

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