22% Of 360's Good Titles Are Shooters

Crazed Geek, in response to X3F's aticle where they listed the percentage of shooters in the whole Xbox 360 library, has weeded out the titles not expected to make the high grades all of us gamers go for in a title and have looked at how many shooters are in the library that are expected to get high ratings.

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Xeoset3997d ago

This isn't a duplicate, read the title, article and follow the link.

BIadestarX3997d ago

stupid article.... why? define good? the games I like may not be what you concidered good.

Xeoset3997d ago

The reviewer took in the elements which make it appeal to the larger audience, gameplay, story, etc. Think Halo, it's obviously going to get high marks, Mass Effect obviously seems on track and Bioshock is already getting 10/10's.

BenzMoney3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

While I agree with you that this is a stupid article and I have reservations in seeing it getting approved (for reasons I'll outline below) I'm going to resist my urge to report it as 'lame'.

Reasons why this article is stupid:

1) See Bladestar's comment, above. How 'good' a game is, is completely subjective.

2) The source of this article leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a blog. Who is 'a crazed geek'? I could just as easily go start a blog of my own, write up an opinion, and post it as an 'article'.

However, I'm going to avoid reporting it as lame because, frankly, I think the original article was *ALMOST* as stupid.


After a bit more research it's blatantly obvious that this is nothing more than a blog - one that was created within the last couple of days, no less, and contains a total of maybe 3 posts! Yeah, I'd say this qualifies as lame.

DrPirate3997d ago

So why insult PS3 games that I'm excited for?

What I think makes a game good, is not what you think makes a game good.

Fanboy wars over.

Mu5afir3997d ago

If everyone thinks the Earth is flat, then the Earth is flat. This is the same basis you must equate when considering the "meta" scores of the game. So, you can't simply dismiss the article because your "personal" tastes are not met. That also doesn't mean your opinion isn't true either.

Now, that doesn't mean I agree with this article. And frankly 17% and 22% doesn't make a big difference. And what percentage of games are shooters shouldn't create an assumption of the system. What matters is what type of games sale on the console. And when it comes to games selling well on the 360 there is one genre that sticks out, and that is the shooter genre.

March 2007:

* Gears of War (4.5 million)[15] [shooter]
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (3 million,)[16] [shooter]
* Call of Duty 2 (1.4 million)[17] [shooter]
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (1.37 million)[18] [shooter]
* Dead Rising (1.22 million)[18] [Action]
* Madden NFL 07 (1.1 million in US)[19] [sport]
* Perfect Dark Zero (1 million)[20] [shooter]
* Saints Row (1 million)[21] [Sandbox / Action]
* Dead or Alive 4 (1 million)[22] [shooter]
* GRAW1 (1 million)[19] [shooter]

These numbers are from March 07, but the game list shouldn't be too different. Other then The Darkness and GRAW2 being in the list, but we will exclude them since they won't make a big difference.

4 of the top 5 games are shooters, and 7 of the 10 best selling games are shooters. What does that imply? Simple.. it means the 360 is a shooter console. Now is that a bad thing? NO, it simply means people who own a 360 prefer to play FPS / TPS games over other genres.

This doesn't fit my personal taste so I opted for a different console. But for people who like shooters, the 360 is the best option. As it will always have some of the best FPS / TPS games on any console.

I hope they release Banjo and Kazooi soon, I was hoping to play it. xD

WilliamRLBaker3997d ago

* Gears of War (4.5 million)[15] [shooter]
* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (3 million,)[16] [shooter]
* Call of Duty 2 (1.4 million)[17] [shooter]
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (1.37 million)[18] [shooter]
* Dead Rising (1.22 million)[18] [Action]
* Madden NFL 07 (1.1 million in US)[19] [sport]
* Perfect Dark Zero (1 million)[20] [shooter]
* Saints Row (1 million)[21] [Sandbox / Action]
* Dead or Alive 4 (1 million)[22] [shooter]
* GRAW1 (1 million)[19] [shooter]

Elder scrolls is a shooter? really? where do you shoot any thing but a magic spell or an bow and arrow? no infact its an FPS RPG!....

Dead or alive is a shooter? huh? you mean the fighting none FPS game?

There are infact only 5 shooters in that list...

Mu5afir3997d ago

Sorry for the mix up, Oblivion obviously isn't a shooter. It is an Action / RPG, however Dead Rising is an Action / TPS and so is, Saints Row. Dead or Alive is a fighting game, not a shooter.. xD

But it still doesn't change the numbers all that much. Remember, as I had stated GRAW2 and The Darkness are not included on this list. So the numbers won't make a big difference. Since they will relatively stay the same.

Just to make sure.. here are the numbers for VGcharts for games sold:

* Gears of War Microsoft [shooter]
* Call of Duty 2 Activision [shooter]
* GRAW Ubisoft [shooter]
* Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Take 2 [Action / RPG]
* Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Vegas Ubisoft [shooter]
* Madden NFL 07 EA [sport]
* Call of Duty 3 Activision [shooter]
* Fight Night Round 3 EA [sport]
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Capcom [shooter]
* Crackdown Microsoft [Sandbox / Action / Shooter]

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power of Green 3997d ago

This isn't really saying anything different from the other 360 shooter vs other genre ratio post.

Looking forward to

* Lost Oddyessy

* Eternal Sonata

* Ace Combat

* Thesis

* Elveon

* PGR4

* Ninga Gaiden 2

* Project OffSet

* War Hammer

* Hexic 2

* Dungeon Hero

* Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

* Alan Wake

* All Points Bulletin

* Banjo-Kazooie

* Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements

* Fable 2

* Far East of Eden Ziria

* Hail to the Chimp

* Halo Wars

* Onechanbara: vorteX (if it makes state side).

* Mass Effect

* Too Human

* Two Worlds

* Voodoo Nights


* Virtual Me: Simulation (Could this be a MS attempt to copy the Mii for the Wii?).

These are some of the games i'll be keeping an eye on and my wallet open for.

MannyHarlem1413997d ago

i'm no fanboy, i got a 360.. but bro, i think u just compiled a list of 360 exclusives, many of which aren't worthy of mention, c'mon voodo nights! lolz Naruto lolz.. what about assassin's creed, call of duty 4... shyyyt, rock band looks better than some of the junk u noted

power of Green 3997d ago

Your reply is personally. Does this post list whats is good or not; will that list if post be the what i'm intrested in?. Read the comment again. Is this thread based on games in general or exclusives. LOL

Matter of fact do you even understand whats going on in this thread COD4 is a FPS. Do not ever reply to me again actually that mild attack deserves an ignor. See ya.

Mucudadada3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

On having Project Offset up on that list! Looks fantastic! I am envious that the PS3 does not get Two Worlds, it looks like a fun game with hella fun multiplayer.

P.S. Here's to hoping the Ninja love continues and NG2 come to the PS3!

power of Green 3997d ago

Anyways either post is a big plus when combating the fanatic myth the Xbox is a shooter console when in reality it lacks or has low amounts of shooters. When looking at lists theres actually more Action adventure games then any other genre I didn't post them because i'v read nothing on them none-the-less i seen about 20 other games that are not shooters.

What's good or not depends on the gamer.

DrPirate3997d ago

Same with you, bring this arguement in news threads that have to do with PS3 games.

DrPirate3997d ago

? I didn't say anything....

I typed out what I was thinking with a keyboard...

The magic of text is that, it doesn't have to be repeated, but if you so wish, I can copy-paste:

This argument of yours "People define what is good by their own standards". Bring that into threads with PS3 games. I don't mean to diss on your opinion, but saying Killzone 2 has only 3 colors and implying that anyone hyped for it has no taste, come on man, different strokes, different folks.

Xeoset3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Anyway, it's nice to see Fanboy Ammo getting taken away.


Problems have been resolved with the 7/07 consoles.
Articles have proven it has a wide variety of genres and highly rated games in it, taking away the 'ShooterBox' myth.


It's slowly gaining titles, the more the merrier.


Same as the PS3 ^^^.
WiiMote is finally being utilised well.

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