COD4 Beta Blowout: Huge Preview and 20 Images

Last night Infinity Ward held a "First To Play" event in which 50 people got to play the COD4 beta for the first time. Here is a preview on the beta from one of the participants plus a lot of beautiful images on the beta it self.

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Retro-Virus4063d ago

The maps looks similar to De_Dust from Counter Strike.

PS360PCROCKS4063d ago

awesome awesome awesome!! I cannot wait for this beta, gimme NOW! Between this and Halo Activision and Bungie are KILLING ME!

MoonDust4063d ago

Or say when they will start it. Geez.

jay34063d ago

Check the Beta page on every day, and one day soon, there'll be a countdown on it, when the countdown hits zero (I'm starting to feel like i'm in a movie now) then you can sign up for the beta. But it's first come first served so be quick!

Asylumchild4063d ago on this website I typed the wrong age and everytime I go to the web site again it says sorry your to young... how do i change it?

The Real Joker4063d ago

and delete your browsing history an retry

akaFullMetal4063d ago

looks great, wish they put a beta on the ps3

jay34063d ago

It sucks right?

I'm no bias, i just wanna spread the love!

Well, it's almost as if when 360 traded Haze and UT3 for this Beta.

I don't know why, but it makes me feel relieved to see someone on here who has a PS3 that isn't all "Well at least..." "MGS4 LOLZ!"

It's just nice to see an honest to god gamer. No fanboyism.

Thank you. Very, very much. I'm going to give you an agree and bubbles now.

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