id CEO: "Epic has a philosophy to license to everyone they can"

With id Software slowly unveiling more of its internal projects, including the Mad Max-esque Rage and the id Tech 5 engine that powers it, the studio that once led the PC engine licensing game is sending a clear message that it intends a return to form. As part of a longer discussion at QuakeCon, the rest of which will be published on Shacknews in the coming days, I spoke with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead about his company's revitalized push into the high-end tech licensing world--a world most would agree is currently largely occupied by Epic and its widely-licensed Unreal Engine 3.

The CEO spoke on the flexibility of the technology, id's changing attitude towards developer support and tools, when the engine will be ready--and he even painted a striking contrast to rival Epic, which has been in the news lately for licensing-related matters.

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Antonio_Mex4060d ago

thats nice to know, hopelly will get more of their games on the PS3,
by the way I live in Tijuana mexico for all of those who dont know

Bolts4060d ago

Cheap hookers and drugs, it must be nice. Too bad they're gonna start checking for passports soon....

Antonio_Mex4060d ago

I didnt know that dude, well I wont need one cause I live here, but I guess for the foreign ones only, but yeah im one of the few lucky dudes to have a PS3 in tijuana

Antonio_Mex4060d ago

hopelly will get more from Epic, well dude, good night, im going to bed , ttyl dude

TheMART4060d ago

"Epic has a philosophy to license to everyone they can," he pointed out. "That will not be our strategy. We will go with a lower number of what we think are high-value licensees and games, and try to service those, and not overcast our resources in providing support."

And that's is what Silicon Knights is complaining about with Too Human, so this might be a right pad to developers. Its more exclusive, it might be a bit more expensive, but you'll have great support at least.

Bolts4060d ago

Clearly a shot at Epic and he's right too. However there isn't anything about the Tech 5 that really impress me. In terms of looks it is very similar to Quakewar and dated.

IQUITN4G4059d ago

Wow what an engine and if Rage is running at 60fps that's even more astounding.30fps will allow for some staggering looking games.

Cod4 running at 60fps is also a blinding engine and i'd love to see how astonishing their game could look were it to lower the fps.Interestingly cod4 looks as good now as Killzone2 and that's already at 30fps hehe.

Anyway fantastic work mr Carmack and exciting stuff ahead no doubt with regards to more great games coming our way.

Unreal engine sure is fine but it certainly does seem to struggle with too much happening or when asking for great draw distance.In this respect i hope Tech5 delivers a blow because i'm fed up of the limits it seems the Unreal engine has.

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