The Bungie Podcast: 08/10/07

At least the wait wasn't nine months long, right? The slightly delayed episode of the Bungie Podcast has arrived.

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Caxtus7504063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Thanks :) listening now :D

loves the Bungie Podcast, it passes out the realms of info and into fun entertainment.

EDIT: Sketch + Frankie being away = not so funny.
Is this guy talking Frankie? I swear its not him, but he never introduces himself this episode..He sounds diffo to last week.

FordGTGuy4062d ago

"On this week's episode of the Bungie Podcast, Mission Designer Dan Miller joins Frankie and Luke in the crow's nest studio. With Ske7ch away on business, Dan Miller has to step it up. He does. "

Caxtus7504062d ago

lmao, thanks, I just got it off ITUNES without heading over to Bungie. Thanks for the clarification :P