Halo 3 Q&A: Campaign, Co-Op and More

Not that GameSpot is keeping track or anything, but the release of Halo 3 is just 46 days (roughly 1,100 hours, or just over 66,000 minutes) from now. Yeah, OK, just like the rest of you, GameSpot is excited about the release of what is surely going to be one of the biggest releases in an already jam-packed year for games. To help assuage the anticipation of the upcoming release of the third game in the Halo series, GameSpot recently spoke with Frank O'Connor, writing lead at Bungie Studios, to get some insight into how the final stages of development are going for the game. GameSpot also dove in for some details on the recently announced four-play cooperative play for the campaign mode and found out how the Bungie team has been tweaking the game since the Halo 3 multiplayer beta program ended in early June.

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Xeoset3992d ago

'1,100 hours'

Thank god half of those will be taken up with sleep, the others with Stranglehold, Blue Dragon, Bioshock and Eternal Sonata!

Delt43992d ago

im taking the 25th off work. i have been saving my last sick day just for this!!! its like being 6 again and waiting all night for santa it feels like its never gunna get here

Mattey3992d ago

Me to, i evern did it for the beta, but got screwed over because it wasnt even working till the end of the day.....that sucked i just sat at my computer on forums waiting for some one to say its finally working!!!!

nobizlikesnowbiz3992d ago

I'm taking your lead, and not going to class on the 25th.

I'll probably end up not going for an entire week, and drop out.

Halo 3 will be the end of my academic career.

Jdash243992d ago

skipping school day it comes out, playing non stop 4 player co op and beating the game day 1, and ima make sure i get home with the game b4 any of my friends, just to host and guareentee that i'll be master cheif......even if i gotta slash a few tires : )

RAM MAGNUMS3992d ago

I will be quiting my life to play this game. the day of released I will no longer be a assistant manager at a law firm. I will be RAM MAGNUMS Covenant killah and online humiliator. My family will be second fiddle as I save master chiefs world. Im sure glad I dont have to feel anyones balls like solid snake. ( now I know Why he's Solid). ACHEIVMENT UNLOCKED 20pts. Subtle attack on metal gear for ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.