Exclusive Dreamcast consoles you never knew existed

Sega fans continue to have some of the best collections in the gaming industry. However, one particular system, the Dreamcast, remains a collector's item, especially given the high number of different Dreamcast consoles released. Here's what Sega collectors could be missing.

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darklordzor3046d ago

Oh dreamcast...too bad you couldn't have been this popular when you were released.

N4GAddict3046d ago

One of my favorite systems.

zeeshan3045d ago

I know it won't probably ever happen but I wish, I just wish SEGA came back to the console market!

Millah3045d ago

The days when Dreamcast was around were probably some of the greatest times in video games. Not just from Sega, but the entire industry was filled with quality great games. But thats back when the Japanese were running the show...

N4GAddict3046d ago

I want the Shenmue one.

-Judge_Fudge3045d ago

holy camel toe, there was a hello kitty one i would have so bought that one back in the day it looks so delicious

NarooN3045d ago

Speaking of which, where are the Dreamcast games on the PS Store, hmm, devs?

izuna3045d ago

Why don't you just buy a Dreamcast?

Theonik3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Cause eBayers are ghey and they don't ship outside of the UK!
That's my excuse. :(
Other than that i would kill for that DC-CRT hybrid.

Edit: @the article. The PS2 had several LE consoles too. Some will cost you a fortune now like the red one that came only in Japan.

NarooN3045d ago

Why don't you just go jump off a cliff? See, I can ask dumb questions too. Who said I didn't already have one? The Dreamcast games will be up-rezzed and have trophies, better framerates, etc. I don't care about trophies but meh. There's very few DC games I'm even interested in, and if I cared THAT much I'd just use an emulator.

izuna3045d ago

NarooN... you will get ports, emulated ports. You will have 640x480 (4:3) Resolution, you will NOT get better framerates, you will get worse ones, and you WILL get gimped versions of the games that used licensed assets.

Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are two very good examples that SEGA are still lazy, just use your older Dreamcast.

NarooN3045d ago

So the Crazy Taxi re-release already happened? It's not dropping until next month. Unless I get some links showing that it's still in SD (no way in hell they'd get away with that) then I don't buy it.

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HeroXIV3045d ago

Dreamcast "seaman clear" ftw!!

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