Killzone 2's Developers Conference Tech Presentation

To anyone interested, here's a link to the actual tech presentation for Killzone 2 shown at the Developers Conference. Follow the link to the PDF and please be patient as it loads. Enjoy.

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Violater3850d ago

hence why it wasn't a press release to the general public.
Just do what I did, look at the pretty pictures and say hmmm interesting.

TriggerHappy3850d ago

is about 8 MB big, you should add a 56k warning to the top of the thread because not most people will even be able to access it.

QuackPot3850d ago

Time to dust of the old manuals and do some revising.

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ALIEN3850d ago

I can't open it. Can some one help me?

alexander22rednaxela3850d ago

56k warning IS NEEDED I could not see it.

nurayi3850d ago

lol its 8 megs. dont click it or your a gonner

The Real Joker3850d ago Garth would say: "Live in the now man"

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The story is too old to be commented.