PLAYSTATION.Blog: One Last Thing on E3 2007

PLAYSTATION.Blog writes "It's really hard to believe it has been a month since E3. The team here at SCEA is pretty much fully recovered at this point and is shifting gears to Leipzig and the Tokyo Game Show. Before we leave E3 2007 in the dust, however, we thought we would share one last thing. By now, you all have probably caught some part of our press conference, but you may not be aware of all the work that went into it. You guys seemed to have enjoyed the time lapse video we put together following our Gamer's Day in May - so here's another one from our press conference and our adjacent post-show arcade area at E3".

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jinn4029d ago

why in the world are people still talking about e3 when there was nothing all that fascinating...well maybe except for halo 3.

s8anicslayer4029d ago

stop your fanboy plaguerism, how can you say halo 3 was the only interesting thing at e3 when the only buzz was killzone 2, and i happen to like halo 3

Omegasyde4029d ago

COD4>[email protected] It won alot of "BEST GAME OF THE E3" awards and won the Game critic for Action game.

Flashbang to the face, kid.