Metroid Prime 3 Trailer 3 & Bridge Battle Gameplay

Check these two new video from Metroid Prime 3, one is a trailer 3 and the other one is the Bridge Battle Gameplay...

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Xeoset4023d ago

Never been a big fan of the Primes, but I'll try it again because of the Wiimote, sure it'll be better than the cube versions.

djt234023d ago

this what i am talk about

it look really good *holy smoke batman*

Cpt Qwark4023d ago

this game reminds me of halo :]

jinn4023d ago

this franchise has died over the past years because their's nothing that this game delivers to the gamer. i guess the only way this game franchise can make itself useful is to send samus to compete in the super smash bros franchise.

unsunghero284023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Ignore the fact that Metroid Prime was one of the greatest games of the last generation and that previews for this game have been 100% positive and you might just have a point there.

machine4022d ago

yeah, both of the prime games kicked ass. graphically, they rival the best of any other previous gen console. The Game play was great as well. what were you expecting out of those two games that would have disappointed you so much? I'm sure you have played them, correct?

WaggleLOL4023d ago

Last gen graphics + stupid waggle bolted on == FAIL

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The story is too old to be commented.