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Submitted by GerarDOS 2010d ago | rumor

BioShock Infinite getting exclusive PSN-content?

Dutch gaming website has found a clue that might indicate that the PlayStation 3 version of BioShock Infinite will get exclusive content. At the end of the first trailer, there's no Xbox Live logo, but a PSN logo is.

When confronted by this fact, lead artist Shaun Robertson, said he couldn't comment on that "at this point". (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Hard to tell
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anthraxCZ  +   2010d ago
if so, than there will be missing grass in ps 3 version :P)

just joking
Poseidon  +   2010d ago
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AndrewRyan  +   2010d ago
They are going to give PS3 exclusive content to make up for the bad port. Just you watch :P

EDIT: Not being a fanboy, I am getting this for my PC, I only get exclusives for my PS3! I am just saying this because most games that are ported to PS3 are bad ports like Red Dead Redemption and the developer gives the PS3 exclusive content to make it look "better" on the market.
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scofios  +   2010d ago
That is because it bioshock came a year later after the pc and xbox version .
If you remember the developer of star ocean confirmed that if someone release a game later on the ps3 , sony requires that you releas it with additional content , proof tales of vesperia , star ocean the last hope internationaal , bioshock 1 , ninja gaiden sigma's .
AssassinHD  +   2010d ago
AndrewRyan apparently does not know that the PS3 is the lead console for this game.
Weaksauce1138  +   2010d ago
The first one had a year long delay too, it needed content just to be worth $60. 2nd was graphically inferior on PS3 but there's always hope! I'd wait for actual evidence though, or you might just come off as desperate
comp_ali  +   2010d ago
I am surprsed you are trolling everywhere and you still have 3 bubbles. maybe becasue you follow the majority of fanboys here, aka ps3 fans.
Roozium  +   2010d ago
Ever heard of PC? Yeah Bioshock will be best on PC
MAG_SVER  +   2010d ago
Aww OK
Just to let you know, that was the demo missing the grass not the Retail Version & I wouldn't joke like that on here knowing it's not a joke to most of us because ps3 Multi-Platforms always gets the shaft. But look at Exclusives, just no Excuse on the Devs part for the previous Multi-Platforms games not This 1, that was a DEMO w/o GRASS!!!

GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD, say it with us "IT WAS A DEMO"!!!

As for Exclusive Contents, I really don't care just as long as the game runs fair on both consoles. Giving me free stuff to make up for sloppy Development is not going to CUT IT.

Just be "Fair" & please both sides, "HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLD"!!!
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ClownBelt  +   2010d ago

I'd hold my breath if I were you anthraxCZ
BattleAxe  +   2010d ago
I hope they add 360 controller support for the PC version this time.
xJxdOggyStYLe  +   2010d ago
i just
love headlines the end with a ? mark...cmon game is 2 years off....when it gets a tad closer then u can start with all the ? mark bs lol..what a noob article.
TOO PAWNED  +   2010d ago
Really? they can tell that 2 years ahead?
tdrules  +   2010d ago
that's the whole point
hence why he can't comment.
stop pulling at straws N4G its pathetic.

and expecting preferential treatment then crying when the other platform gets exclusive stuff is also very pathetic
T9X69  +   2010d ago
For one, there wouldn't be an Xbox Live Arcade logo, its not an arcade game. For two, the Xbox Live logo is on their official site, not to mention the game doesn't launch until 2012. This means nothing.
jay2  +   2010d ago
Who knows just yet, Bio 1 came from excluive and reveiled Bio 2's trailer, so why not?
ndibu  +   2010d ago
Oh boy, this is gonna be missing clouds and
will be sub HD...Nice going 2K
Karooo  +   2010d ago
oh shut up
you fanboy.
Human Analog  +   2010d ago
This would be a funny comment if it were 2K that was making this game. Get your facts right before gracing us with your fanboyism.
Alos88  +   2010d ago
If it's anything like GTAIV's DLC it will be timed exclusive content.
NecrumSlavery  +   2010d ago
If it's anything like Bioshock's DLC, it won't be timed.

Ohh wait..

But seriously, it's 2 years away. I don't think this is relevant yet
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marioPSUC  +   2010d ago
seems like another site just trying to get some hits.
Aquarius  +   2010d ago
who knows
but what I do know is that the 360 will be discontinued by then :)
ppazuzu  +   2010d ago
Jesus people, this game isn't even due out for another two years, I doubt they've even thought about 'extras' yet
SuperStrokey1123  +   2010d ago
No im 100% certain that they have. Likely have been for a long time. They are deciding what will go where though, depending on who writes the cheques and what system can take advantage of what.
Pootangpie  +   2010d ago
exclusive DLC will not make up for a gimped version on PS3
the first bioshock was crap on the PS3 and so was the 2nd one don't believe me look at lensoftruth
SuperStrokey1123  +   2010d ago
My god, talk about nitpicking. It was slightly less impressive but still played and looked great. The first bioshock also got a patch that helped fix its issues.

Just looking for things to complain about is foolish
Zechs34  +   2010d ago
Oh Noes that means that the game is unplayable and completely different on all systems, because a site dedicates their time to comparing demos for games and not actually play them all the way through.
GodHandDee  +   2010d ago
THing change
With time crappy ports will be a thing of has more to do with pathetically lazy devs than anything else.

Hopefully by the time this one comes out such problems won't take place.
phatak  +   2010d ago
dude. excluisive content does matter. if it was all about performance ill b playing on my pc, y bother with 360?
Ps3isSsTheBeStt  +   2010d ago
The Ps3 version of this game is The lead version. So they will use the cell. So yea yea look it up
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GodHandDee  +   2010d ago
For the there ya go Mr. Poo :)
Pootangpie  +   2010d ago
LOL no it's not PC version is
if it was the PS3 version that was the lead it would look worse
tdrules  +   2010d ago
people buy multiplat fps on console
sarshelyam  +   2010d ago
I don't know why this doesn't make sense.
"Sid Shuman | August 12th, 2010 at 11:43 am

I am also a huge fan of System Shock 2 (^__^). Nice to know the PS3 is a primary platform for the new game!"

Apparently PS3 stands as the lead for this SKU, much like Vanquish and plenty of other 3rd Party releases. It results in a better product for everyone, PS3 owners and 360 owners alike.
Zechs34  +   2010d ago
I agree, and to top things off, almost every big publisher and developer are using PS3 as lead SKU now, the only ones that are not are probably Activision and we all know why (all they produce are mediocre music titles and mediocre FPS series)Idk why all the hate for PS3 lead SKU, the 360 fans get the same game, its not like itll look worse. If these haters had both systems and didnt start gaming with the Halo uprising, they would understand

Why the disagree? Cuz I made fun of Cod and Guitar Hero or Activision? As Far as I am concerned, they are all over rated and over shadowed.
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sarshelyam  +   2010d ago
Come now... should realize the disagrees (I got them too) are from making sense. People don't like that here.
Studio-YaMi  +   2010d ago
@ AndrewRyan
I totally agree,if I had a high edge PC to play my games in max out settings,I would NEVER and I repeat NEVER buy a multiplatform game on any console.

Which really sucks for me,because I really want to taste the PC best graphics cards juice :(

On Topic :
come on,the game was just announced,it's not coming until 2012,just wait for Gods sake !
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comp_ali  +   2010d ago
Either the article is crap, very likely, or sony is paying handsfull lately with all the exclusive contents.
MrLife  +   2010d ago
LOL it's coming out in 2012, please shut the fuck up till then
lucifon  +   2010d ago
2012 and talking about exclusive dlc....
Scotland-The-Brave  +   2010d ago
Sweet! Hope its true, more bang for my buck
Dawn_Of_Ashes  +   2010d ago
humm ive heard that the ps3 will be the lead console on this game.

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