Top 7 Girls kissing Girls in Games...

As a celebration that summer has finally arrived (yes, the UK's biblical floods are now receding and the sun is out) GamesRadar have delved into their archive to bring you some of their favourite content posted over the last year - a compendium of their most extraordinary features and videos all in one place...

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sticky doja3755d ago

Second Life didn't make the list.

sticky doja3754d ago

It was rated M and available on PS2, Xbox and PC.

MK_Red3754d ago

But an AO rated game (Uncensored) was released later for PC.

XxZxX3754d ago

dude i must be gay, watching those clip.. didnt turn me on at all..

MK_Red3754d ago

Try watching the Mortal Kombat all fatalities video. That one turned me on. (But I'm an MK freak, that should happen)

XxZxX3754d ago

hahahah good one MK_RED... i gonna give that to you.

MK_Red3754d ago

Thanks. While I was totally surprise with seen MK2 in girl kissing videos (MK2's Kitana kiss fatality), that fatality video was a real treat for me! Hope they make a new MK game as good as MK2 one day.

DiLeCtioN3754d ago

i cant watch it cus the browser settings are on parental control (not my pc lol)

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The story is too old to be commented.