Rumour: Realtime Worlds warns of “drastic” APB cuts, lays off entire MyWorld team

VG247: VG247 has been told the Realtime Worlds has made the entire MyWorld team redundant today, after giving notification 30 days ago.

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jay22840d ago

Wow, that was short lived, how longs APB got now, not looking good :(.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2840d ago

It's NEVER a good thing to see people laid off, I hope they find new employment soon :(

Robearboy2840d ago

Personally i think that not bringing APB onto console was a mistake, the PC market is saturated with MMO'S

Charmers2840d ago

The game would have failed on the console too. There really was nothing special about the game. You just need to read the reviews to get an idea of how bland the game actually was.

As M4ndat0ry_1nstall it is always sad to see people laid off, but this could have been avoided if the devs had actually LISTENED to what the Beta players were telling them.

Letros2839d ago

Nah console players will buy anything even if it's crap, would have been a huge hit.

evrfighter2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

i was looking forward to apb for years.

until i played the beta. The game had potential but there were too many balance issues that I knew would never be fixed.

did not buy. Welcome to the very harsh world of MMO's. It's sink or swim here.

Motion2839d ago

I think the biggest thing killing APB was the announced monthly fee/micro transactions. Not sure on what the costs actually came out to though, cus as most people, I dropped the game off my radar when that was announced.

Baka-akaB2839d ago

the game isnt even done , and while people have high tolerance for buggy and unfinished games , things like that wont get a pass for a mmo on console , asking for a fee

Jdoki2839d ago

That's a huge shame. After seeing what they did in Crackdown, and knowing a lot of staff there had worked on earlier GTA games it's a damn shame they messed up so badly with APB.

Never good to see people laid off, but APB was a mess in Beta and lacked a real sense of fun or purpose.

pcgia2839d ago

That's too bad, Not very good to hear at all. I was really hoping that APB would do well, I thought the concept was awesome. I played out my 50 hours and had too many other games to play to buy more time.

Just too many other great games to be playing to be grinding out the same old missions one after the other. I thought that if they would have kept expanding on those it may have had a better shot, I know allot of players that were getting sick of them pretty quick.

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The story is too old to be commented.