Gamer Debate Videos Gaining Momentum

Since the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) announced its campaign to foster gamer participation in the upcoming CNN/YouTube Republican Presidential Debate, 11 gamer-created videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

The number and quality of the videos increases the chances that a gamer-centric video question might actually make it into the debate, thus raising mainstream awareness of video game issues. So - keep 'em coming!

Due to the large number of new videos, GP will link them all from a single post rather than creating an individual story for each.

Today we have Daniel, a gamer who will vote for the first time in the 2008 presidential election; Dustin, who frames the debate around Grand Theft Auto; Kevin from Sterling Heights, Michigan, who thinks parents should be allowed to choose their kids's games; and Kevin from Detroit, who wonders how future game legislation will be any more effective than the failed efforts of the past.

Click on the link to see the rest of the videos.

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sovietsoldier3872d ago

don imus from baycity michigan who thinks people need to leave the f*cken game industry alone and let them do what they do best....make games!