Microsoft: Too Human Still "On Track"

Microsoft, which is not a party in the case between Silicon Knights and Epic, stated in an e-mail, "Regarding development of Too Human, we are still on track for a 2008 release date, as we announced most recently at E3 2007."

Microsoft is publishing the game for Xbox 360. Silicon Knights is a licensee of Epic's development tool Unreal Engine 3, which was being used to develop Too Human.

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Xeoset4063d ago

Great to hear!

Can't wait for this game, not only does the Xbox 360 have the best 2007 line up, it also has the best looking 2008 aswell!

It pwned 2006 and won 2005 to default, 3.5 years standard!

Too Human FTMFW!

frostbite064063d ago

Agreed, but we'll have to wait and see about the 2008 line-up and that goes for all 3 consoles.

Real Gambler4063d ago

Wow, could you imagine otherwise? The PS3 and the Wii came out in the last month of 2006. Sales wise, it would have look terrible if those two consoles would have sold more than the 360 in twelve months!!!!

For the first half year (2007), the Wii is already killing the 360 even if you claim it has the best line up. And the PS3 is starting to sell no so badly either...

So if I were you, I would worry about 2008 : )

rubarb234063d ago

Your right, in the 1st half of 2007 the wii is killing the 360, but it's also taking a sh!t on the ps3 both here and in japan. i think you forgot to mention that. it is true the ps3 sales are picking up and it's about time - good for sony. with the 360's price cut and killer fall line up ready to be unleashed on the masses i'm sure the 360 will further the gap between itself, the wii and the ps3. about 2008, no 360 owner has to worry, we're just going to continue to get smash hit after smash hit.
oh and before any sony fanboy replies that they're also getting killer games this fall, which is true, the fact is that since the 360 has a bigger installed base it will sell more copies of what ever game is coming out for it, than what will be sold on the ps3 and thus put a bigger gap between itself, the ps3 and the wii

Daxx4063d ago

That's great to hear. ^_^

tplarkin74063d ago

It was apparent that SK was continuing with the game as they were releasing new screen shots and updating thier blogs after the lawsuit announcement.

VirusE4063d ago

I think it will come out in 08 but i imagine it will get pushed back until the end of the year. SK games always get pushed back.


Good point VirusE, SK does have a history of delaying games, but this has been in development for SO long, & delayed several times already, one can only hope. Last confirmed release date I saw was 1/2008.

I'm really looking forward to the online story mode co-op.

RadientFlux4063d ago

Loki looks bad ass in that picture. Great news on Too Human, it's one of my most wanted games this console generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.