Deadly Premonition too scary for Australia?

It's been a while, but it looks like Deadly Premonition is officially the first game of 2010 to be Refused Classification in Australia. Reports state the horror-adventure game has been effectively banned Down Under, thanks to the lack of an adult rating for video games in that country.

...but the Classification Board claim they've never even seen the game, let alone banned it.

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ActionBastard2807d ago

It's not exclusive. There's just no reason to import the PS3 version. Guess why?

bjornbear2807d ago

=australians probably have horrible taste in games... =/s

stonecold12807d ago

might get it down track im in australia they should let this game in the country

eggbert2807d ago

its good. That said, I wouldn't actually recommend to most people unless you find shitty cheap games hilarious.

Playerz82807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Well, it looks like the Australians will be missing out on some funny shit.

earbus2807d ago

So i can go buy hardcore porn blackmarket guns and heroin but this game is no .

earbus2807d ago

LOL at the one stop shop for scum PORT KEMBLA new south wales you can get anything 24 hr drive thru whores .steam tag ps3 tag 360 tag earbus capitol E ps3.

worm20102807d ago

where do you get your porn, guns & heroin from?????

kingdavid2807d ago

Adelaide. Pissant town of australia.

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The story is too old to be commented.