Target offers Halo 3 figurines as pre-order bonus

Adding to the growing list of Halo3 pre-orders offerings, Target is jumping into the ring and giving away some figurines. View the image below to see the picture of Target's "Halo 3 marketing sales advertising plan of ownage" which sates that with every 10$ Halo 3 pre-orders, customers will receive a Halo 3 figurine two-pack when they pick up the game. Ask around your local Target retailer to be sure your pre-orders dollars will go towards those nifty figurines.

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MACHone3994d ago

How tall is it? A couple millimeters?

xbox360elitegamer3994d ago

I'm sure that it's not going to be very big, maybe 1 or 2cm long...

Lakuspakus3994d ago

Coupled with a really bad photo of it <3