SOE: All our MMOs in development have a console component

Sony Online Entertainment has been responsible for some of the most popular MMO games ever. The studio behind Everquest (1 and 2), Planetside, Vanguard and a host of other massively multiplayer games has recently unveiled a new lineup of titles, including Gods & Heroes, The Agency, Free Realms, and the just-announced Ramayan 3392 A.D (see above image). Though only The Agency has been announced for the PlayStation 3, Nicholas Beliaeff recently tossed a bucket of gasoline on the rumor fire that we may be getting a couple more massively massive games on the PS3.

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timmyp534057d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

lets see when some cross-platform play happens =)

Omegasyde4056d ago

NCsoft (creators of Guildwars, the biggest MMORP game next to WoW)

Are Sony exclusive. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. I do smell cross platform for sure in the future. I do wonder if the PC version will run under the title
"Games for Windows"...?

DEADEND4057d ago

Im really happy to see all these MMO games going to the PS3, how come none of these MMO go to the 360? is it because the system cant handle them or something? anyone cant wait to play THE AGENCY might get it on day one dependsing on the review it gets.

BIadestarX4057d ago

lol... no MMO on the xbox 360?

MMO currently available on the Xbox 360 and NOT on the PS3:
Phantasy Star
Final Fantasy XI

MMO currently on development:

All Points Bulletin
Marvel MMOG
Marvel Universe Online
Stargate Worlds
The Secret World

mmm... I'm I forgetting any?

"how come none of these MMO go to the 360? is it because the system cant handle them or something?" mmmm.. gee... could it be because they are 1st party SOny games... I also always asked myself the same question... Why will Halo 3 not be released on the PS3.. is it because the PS3 is not powerful enough? LOL... why don't you google what 1st party games means... and why they are not released on competitors consoles.. lol.

Omegasyde4056d ago

Deadend that was perhaps the most ignorant comment I have seen this month. Do your research before trying to flame the 360. The PS3 has n...o...n..e. The closest thing to a MMO for the ps3 coming out soon will be MMO and the clesting thing to a MMORG will saddly be HOME.

LMAO: I can't wait to level up my avatar!I'll finally be able to unluck the ability to wear turtleneck sweaters.

EDIT: I am actually agreeing with Bladestar for once. Hell must of froze over.

snittolo4057d ago

Nice to see I can get back into an MMO with my PS3 (last one was AC) and only have to pay for the MMO's fee and not live on top of it.

DEADEND4057d ago

it was just some questions thats all man take it easy, you have a stick up your ass for real.