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Submitted by ktchong 1935d ago | news

Matthew Fox “Mass Effect” Movie

Popular actor Matthew Fox, who played Jack Shephard on ABC’s hit series “LOST,” is set to star in a new movie called “Mass Effect.” (Culture, Mass Effect, PC, Xbox 360)

Bereaver  +   1935d ago
He doesn't look far off for the part, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get the good doctor out of my head.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1935d ago
he's a good actor from what I'Ve seen him tho on screen in lost. I'd like to see him in ME without a doubt.
inveni0  +   1935d ago
I always thought he'd make that part perfectly. Plus, he would be a low-budget actor and not well enough known on the silver screen to be hard for an audience to accept. That seems to be the hardest part about casting video game and comic book movies.
Noctis Aftermath  +   1935d ago
He's not suited to the roll.
KiasuKiasiMan  +   1935d ago
Jack Shepard, Commander Shepard. Am I the only one seeing the similarity lol.
gaffyh  +   1935d ago
Damnit, I shouldn't have approved this. This was a April Fool's joke that IMDB took a little too seriously and have put him as the rumored lead. Apparently, it's not gonna be him.
pwnzter  +   1935d ago
I really want a female to take the part of shepard in the movie
zeeshan  +   1935d ago
I remember that the first time I played MASS EFFECT, I said to my wife that Commander Shepard looks a LOT like Jack Shepard from LOST! I think this guy would be a great fit!!
Eamon  +   1935d ago
Live together, die alone
DMason  +   1934d ago
I think that Tom Hardy would have been a better fit. Plus, Tom Hardy looks like Shepard more and has the acting chops to knock it out of the park. He's been in movies such as RocknRolla, Bronson, Inception, and the upcoming Mad Max movie.
Baka-akaB  +   1935d ago
"I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get the good doctor out of my head."

That's kinda what many says whenever he tackles a new important role . He "wasnt supposed" to shake off his character from party of five too , and yet he did with the short lived Haunted and with Lost.

I'm confident it will be the same with upcoming gigs
EVILDEAD360  +   1935d ago
Huge Lost fan..but wow..that's an amazing match..

Always thought a M.E. movie would cost a 100 millionn if done right..hope it gets a great budget..

On the flip side I wish Bioware could do a Serenity game..

theEx1Le  +   1935d ago
Wow, Bioware + Serenity game.. you just blew my mind dude
Cheeseknight28  +   1935d ago
Pic related!

Edit: Gifs don't work on this site, gah!

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MicroSony4Life  +   1935d ago
Would be great if they made two version of the movie
One with a dude and one with a chick.
Skizelli  +   1935d ago
Haunted was a good show. Short-lived indeed. Not sure why it didn't do well when you have shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer now that don't even compare.

When I played Mass Effect, I remember naming my male character 'Jack' (being a fan of Lost and all).
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TheLeprachaun  +   1935d ago
He's actually perfect for the role. Every time I see Shepard in a Mass Effect game I think he looks like Matthew.
Kos-Mos  +   1935d ago
Good doctor? Now how good was he really? Did you understand Lost series at all?
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ThePlaystationFour  +   1935d ago
The only game MICK0S0FT wants to cross over to hollywood is Halo.. and that will fail.
Pandamobile  +   1935d ago
Why would 'Mickosoft' have any say in the matter? Mass Effect isn't owned by them. It's an Electronic Arts property.
ktchong  +   1935d ago
Microsoft must be regretting right now
for letting BioWare and Mass Effect exclusivity got away.
Pandamobile  +   1935d ago
I don't think they ever had a choice. When EA bought Bioware, they bought the IP too.
Baka-akaB  +   1935d ago
wasnt their say , it's obvious Bioware wouldnt give the full rights to anything they create to any console manufacturer .
Should consoles indeed die and leave place to pc or a new form , they dont intend to go the way of the dodo
edhe  +   1935d ago
Yes.. that mass effect that's now multiplatform o_O

Oh shit it's MS only!
corneliuscrust  +   1935d ago
Healthy dose of MS hating out of nowhere...they have nothing to do with Mass Effect

thanks for showing up to spread the hate though. Typical N4G style
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Skizelli  +   1935d ago
I'm kind of out of the loop on this, so if I'm wrong, please correct me.

@Genesis2oo9: You can't really assume it will fail. It's such an epic story, I think it would translate pretty well to a movie. I'm personally glad the movie keeps falling through. That shows me that people want to do it right. But it would take a great deal of money to really do it justice, money that backers are afraid to spend on a video game to movie adaption, despite how successful Halo is. That's probably why most adaptions suck, poor execution -- aside from the lack of a good story in most. The story is there, but the special effects would have to be as well.
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orange-skittle  +   1934d ago
As usual
Another jackass trying to be funny! Dumbass didnt know that Mass Effect was devloped by Bioware and Published by EA. Now what do have to say you moron?
Ri0tSquad  +   1935d ago
LOST ending was crap
Just thinking about it pisses me off, but Matthew Fox was great in LOST. I hope this movie is in good hands.
Hades1337  +   1935d ago
Agreed, 6 years of viewing for THAT.
pr0digyZA  +   1935d ago
I personally love the ending was leading there the whole time "faith vs science" was very emotional hope it wins some awards. Ive heard that most people who don't like it don't like the fact that it has religion same reason why some didn't like the battlestar Galactica ending.
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electrolemon  +   1934d ago
If you enjoyed the journey to the ending, then that six years wasn't a waste. If you hated the ending, great, whatever. But you watched for six years, and loved the six years, so why is it "ruined" just because of one episode? That's stupid.
Baka-akaB  +   1935d ago
To each their own , but you dont have to think that way .

"THAT" , will be for me those 6 years of an excellent ride , regardless of the ending , wich was never going to live up any hype ? When do they ever anyway ?

In the end it ended like its biggest influence , Twin peaks ...
Mcardle  +   1935d ago
well not quite, Lost at least had closure on the main storylines.... Where's annie is more of a Lost season 4 type of ending....
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Cheeseknight28  +   1935d ago
Lost's ending was bittersweet. I loved it at the time, sorta don't like it in retrospect.

They wanted a ending that people would remember (Sopranos), not something that is euphoric (Star Wars VI) I think.
Skizelli  +   1935d ago
Many of my Lost-loving friends hated the ending because they despise religion. Funny thing is, the show had religious undertones throughout the entire series.

I personally found closure in it. Sucks for them.
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dinkeldinkse  +   1935d ago
I thought the Lost ending was ok
At least it didn't suck complete ass like how The Sopranos ended. 5 minutes of watching Meadow try to park and then when she gets out of the car and goes into the diner the picture blacks out.
x5exotic  +   1935d ago
Best Tv ending ever,,,,beyond perfection but sadly 1/4 of the nation is retarded and didnt get it
ktchong  +   1935d ago
He does look like Shepard from the video games
Nice casting.
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Anime-Vixen  +   1935d ago
♥ I Hope So♥
♥ He really hot ♥
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1935d ago
Ugh... a Twilight avatar.. and whats with those hearts in every post you make...

On topic: I dont know him, but he has the look indeed.
Count  +   1935d ago

All shapes and sizes.
da305kratos  +   1935d ago
why criticize? anyways i think the guy is a decent actor...comes down to how well they write out the script..
MariaHelFutura  +   1935d ago
Mass Effect could be great movie, it definitely has alot to go on from the general story of the game. Also, a big budget would fit it well.
SpaceFox  +   1935d ago
In Lost, he plays Jack Shepard.
He looks like Shepard from Mass Effect.

It's a match made in heaven. Can't wait to see Matthew Fox again in a new role, he's a brilliant actor.
ndibu  +   1935d ago
This is too ME character's name is Jack Shepard
And now THE Jack Shepard is going to play him in Mass Effect movie? Sweet!
Ok i'm lying, his name is Simon...but still, I love Jack and Lost.
Yes I have a man crush on mathew fox, so? I mean, who doesn't?
Count  +   1935d ago
I don't know.

Most games to movies seem to suck, so I'm rather skeptical.
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Guitardr85  +   1935d ago
This is most likely fake...It seems the only reason Fox is speculated to be in this movie is because the author of this article...

A: Knew nothing about Mass Effect prior to writing this article

B: Probably confused Commander Shepard's name with Mathew Fox's Lost character

C: Heard something about Mass Effect 3 which should be coming out relatively soon.

Just sayin'...
Darkfiber  +   1935d ago
Ughhhhhh some loser from Lost? Seriously? Isn't that the guy from Party of Five? Some gay teen soap opera dude in Mass Effect? Bah
likedamaster  +   1935d ago
I agree. You should be the one to do it. Except... I heard you can't act. Just saying... *runs*
Colossal_Red  +   1935d ago
Perfect for the job
No one is going to be a perfect match for the role of Sheppard when he debuts on the big screen. If I personally had to choose, due to Lost being one of the most inspiring spectacles of television this decade, it would be Fox without a second's hesitation.
Denethor_II  +   1935d ago
"Now Matt, you must have no personality and zero facial movements"
x5exotic  +   1935d ago
no heavy breathing? :P
Bolts  +   1935d ago
They need Peter Jackson
I don't trust anyone else with this franchise.
washingmachine  +   1935d ago
get a nose job first
Lacky  +   1935d ago
i think he is perfect for the role of shepard!
Saryk  +   1935d ago
I think he is a good diverse actor and I did enjoy the Lost series. If this were true, I’d would go to the movie theater and watch it.
Dlacy13g  +   1935d ago
I like it...
LOL...who ironic though... he has a thing for the role of Shepard.
gypsygib  +   1935d ago
he actually works
x5exotic  +   1935d ago
hes perfect for the role cuz
hes one of the best actors in the world
has the same last name in lost as ME's commander
exactly the same look ,i actually noticed just as soon as i saw the game's poster
hes from LOST the most awesome thing :P

hope its true xD
JasonW1972  +   1935d ago
Guys, this is fake.
LOL. We posted this "scoop" on our site as an April Fool's Day joke. Can't believe this is still floating around after all this time.
Raider69  +   1935d ago
If this is true
Im already seeing the next post of Microsoft's Big Mouth Aaron Greenberg,"Mass effect 1and 2 sales have skyrocket due to the announce of Mass effect movie ""and 360'S are sales are bigger than hot cookies".And it probably will since its a marvellous IP !
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orange-skittle  +   1934d ago
You do know EA owns the IP and not Microsoft. It's a MS exclusive not property. That's like saying Sony is going to make money off the Uncharted movie. If they didnt make money off the game, how are they going to see a cent of the movie proceeds? I bet Seth Green stays as Joker.
TheLig32  +   1935d ago
Good choice for Shepard! Now we fans need Danny Boyle or J.J. Abrams to direct!
Captain_Asdf  +   1935d ago
And the badass character Locke, from lost, is starring in a new film called Ass Defect.

horndog  +   1935d ago
Correct me if i am wrong but doesn't sheppard in the game look a little dark to you guys, almost like a mix of half black and caucasian perhaps??. This guy looks full caucasian. It would be like a metroid movie with Tyra Banks as Samus. Just wrong. Nothing personall but if they are going to use the same sheppard from the game than at least get the right guy.
ATi_Elite  +   1934d ago
PC Elitist
The Mass Effect Universe has so many things going on that it would make an awesome movie trilogy.

I just hope whatever studio that does the movie,

1. Lets Bioware give them advice so the movie sticks to the series.

2. Top notch special effects.

3. Don't put Megan Fox in it or you'll ruin it

4. Let's George Lucas direct it.
Legionaire2005  +   1934d ago
I knew it!!!! matthew fox as shepard from Mass Effect
I actually thought about this idea when I was watching the last epsiode of Lost. I said to myself "wait a minute matthew Fox looks commander shepard from mass effect, he should act as him!!!" That's if you didn't customize him lol.
Bigbangbing  +   1934d ago
I wish you had Believed me..
X-Alchemist  +   1934d ago
I had no idea a Mass effect movie was in the works

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