Only 17% of 360 titles are shooters

Think that the Xbox 360 is unjustly accused a "shooter only" platform? Well the guys over at FPS Source thought so, and cataloged the current 137 titles available for the 360 into their respective genres and showed what's the most common on the system, First person shouter take up 11% and Third person shooters take up 6%. The most common genres are either Sports titles and Action/Adventure games.

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MACHone4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Oh sure, the story's all well and good, but anyone take the time to actually look at the "game list?" How the heck can you say Crackdown is a third-person shooter and Saints Row is not? The inconsistences don't stop there, either. This whole "study" sounds like pure "opinion" to me.

Now, by no means do I try to come off as a fanboy here, I merely find it amusing that these Xboxers have to validate their console by proving that it isn't littered with shooters. Question: who cares?

FeralPhoenix4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

It seems you must care, you actually took the time to dedicate an entire post to contradict this article. No matter how you look at it 360 has a very diverse line-up, but of course "some" will always feel more comfortable labeling or saying all it has is shooters.

[Edit]vvvvvv I think the public knows, at least those who have any interest in looking. If you are going to pay $350/$400 and you have no idea what that console offers other than believing its only shooters, then most likely thats probably the only games you really give a damm about IMO.....but then again you were speaking for yourself when you said: "far as im concerned all i see is shooters" -well say no more, I completely understand how YOU "see" things.

tplarkin74061d ago

Saints Row and Crackdown are nothing alike. SR is a GTA clone. Crackdown has no real plot, no cutscenes, and is all about jumping high and shooting enemies. It is more like a 3rd person shooter.

HowarthsNJ4061d ago

These are the top selling 360 games. How many are shooters in one way or another?

BIadestarX4061d ago

Ok, let's play your game.

"These are the top selling PS3 games. How many are shooters in one way or another? "

uhh.. wait... 2 Games! ahhh... 50% of the PS3 games are shooters.. and 50% are racing!

... do you accept these numbers.. as "real numbers"? no? ... why should we accept the XBox 360 ones... that you call real?

HowarthsNJ4060d ago

Well yeah, they are correct for now. Try again at the two year mark.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4061d ago

Maybe you should show the public that because telling us uber gamers does nothing...far as im concerned all i see is shooters when i walk ineb or wall mart

Odion4061d ago

your clearly blind and stupid

BubblesDAVERAGE4061d ago

Well I pose this question..if it ain't a first a shooter on the 360 or a multi platform game...what is good on the 360(has to be well known)(no racing games)...since you guys saying im blind

The Real Joker4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

challenge accepted.
Viva Pinta
Blue Dragon
Table Tennis
Dead or Alive 4
Dead Rising
Lost Planet
Saints Row
Test Drive Unlimited (more of a free roaming game than racer)
Ninety Nine Nights
Command and Conquer 3

BubblesDAVERAGE4061d ago

Viva Pinta : good game...but underrated
Blue Dragon : this game has iffy reviews on American shoes
Table Tennis : decent
Dead or Alive 4 : good one
Dead Rising : hmmmmm i thought this game to be super average
Lost Planet : guns ( third person)
Saints Row GTA clone
Test Drive Unlimited (more of a free roaming game than racer)
Ninety Nine Nights : hmm I dont know much about this game
CromeHounds : undertated but good
Command and Conquer 3 : hmmmmI dont know about this one

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jinn4061d ago

does this mean ps3 is the shooter console?

MACHone4061d ago

Who says there has be such a thing AS a "shooter console?"

eclipsegryph4061d ago

MACHone -

Don't bring logic into this, mate! Knee-jerk reactions and assumptions only!

jcgamer4061d ago

After Halo 3 comes Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, PGR4, Banjo 3,
Cry On, Infinite Undiscovery, APB, Blue Dragon 2, RTS Halo Wars, Marvel Project, Fable 2, so on so forth...

Microsoft understands there's a stigma...and they're addressing it head-on...

khsmooth4061d ago

MS are publishing a very diverse lineup of games for the 360. And those games that you mention I think are really going to define the 360 as a game console with a feel for everybody. However it would be nice if they would work on a next gen Crimson Skies, or a Jade Empire, or maybe convince Ubi to do another Beyond Good and Evil or throw some money out to make a Pyshonaughts 2!!

Xeoset4061d ago

Shooter Console?

Not by far!

Come christmas, with Cry On, Jipang, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey, it'll be the RPG Console + Action, Platform, Party and Adventure...And Halo xD.

eclipsegryph4061d ago

I still remember the look I got from the EB Games employee when he asked me if I wanted to pre-order Halo 3, and I told him that I didn't like FPS games. His next question was, "Why'd you buy a 360, then?"

Oddly enough, I found Condemned to be a wonderfully awesome game. I guess there's bound to be a good game in any genre.

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