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Submitted by attackmantis 2011d ago | opinion piece

Can the Playstation Eye already do what Xbox Kinect does?

Has Microsoft simply re-invented the wheel? That’s what MyCE finds themselves asking the more they read about Kinect, the company’s motion-sensing Xbox 360 add-on due out this fall. (Kinect, Microsoft, Playstation Eye, PS3, Sony, Xbox 360)

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Omega4   2011d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(34)
MariaHelFutura  +   2011d ago | Well said
Basically, although Kinect is the more current version of it. Button-less gaming is stupid and will not do what people want from it for many many years to come.
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MicroSony4Life  +   2011d ago
I am sorry but thats a question that you cant ask
until we see more Kinect games. We see still have to see what big developers like Kojima can produce.

I think the tech is limited to your imagination.
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Cenobia  +   2011d ago
I envision moving around in 3D space.

-Immediate Kinect Failure
mastiffchild  +   2010d ago
MS$L-no-it's limited more by the desire of developers to even bother trying-let alone how they execute things they never did before. Wii suffered from lazy developers not really thinking or using their imaginations but making safe games and tacking on vague gestures and waggle to satisfy their need to use the tech. they always go lowest common denomenator as the route of least expense and effort and with Kinect needing more imagination and R&D I fear they'll just churn out tosh in the main.

We all know kinect has higher specs than the eye but so far nobody has REALLY shown any games that use it and stretch the difference in front of us. Then we have issues like the paltry two player limit(which will put off some casuals used to all the family playing on Wii)and the way a few games seem slowed down to accommodate the lag of the current software/hardware integration and the seemingly inconsistent performance of the hardware when confronted by changes to the ideal set up. It just seems like it's getting released tolo early to me-that's all-and later it would have a lot of this sorted out and better games to show. I just hope they both(Move and Kinect) get the games they need to show what they can both do but I have my doubts that third party devs have the desire to push the tech if the can sell crap more easily.

Hell, say you had a great idea for a Kinect game, totally fresh and new, yes? It's gfoing to take a bunch of cash and time to make and even if you nail it what's the chances the public may not even take to it? It's risky and isn't just tied to imagination but more to a desire to use imagination which often doesn't exist. Fact is devs don't LIKE new and neither, in the main, do gamers. We see it all the time, don;t we?
himdeel  +   2010d ago
SONY just needs one commercial with the Kung Fu game...
...and Dance Dance Revolution to steal any commercial thunder that MS has with Kinect. Although I truly feel that most consumers would be totally confused either way lol
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Otheros00  +   2011d ago
Is dis-kinect a clone of eyetoy and pseye? YES
Has it already been done before? YES
Does dis-kinect have more lag then move? YES
Is dis-kinect 1:1? NO
Is omega trolling? YES
Is the connect4 better than dis-kinct? YES because it is the fourth iteration of kinect.
Can dis-kinect connect4?NNNNNOOOOO

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jay2  +   2011d ago
Bubble for dis-kinect! who else is in the dis-kinect group?
Motion  +   2010d ago
Kinect fans always bring up the 3d motion tracking. what exactally is this? y-z axis? can't any camera tell if something is closer or farther just by focus? Even if kinect has some fancy 3d motion whatever it is, how exactly is that being incorporated into games? What does that even mean for games? Isn't facial recognition all software based? Crappy digital cameras that cost half of kinect have it...and regardless, what does this mean for games? In my opinion, nothing. I just don't get it.
ps, voice recognition is also software based, as long as there is a mic. And yes, there is less lag. Take any kinect game, and i'm sure its possible on psEye, not that I care to buy either one, but stop acting like kinect is so f'n superior.
Sony360   2010d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
air1_got_raped  +   2011d ago
so far yes.

tell me when there are games that take full advantage of kinect.
Godmars290  +   2011d ago
Sony's one - big - mistake was stalling PSeye development shortly after introducing it.
Jeff257  +   2011d ago
Unfortunately they did stall it. But I think they did that because they didnt want to put out games that limited a gamers interaction. I think more because of their own experience with the Eyetoy and Eye they saw it needed something more so they prototyped Move. Now we see them making a big push behind it utilizing the Eye and actually giving us games for it that will have mass market appeal.
Dojan123  +   2011d ago
Glad they did not dump it (eye)
At least now I can still use the camera I bought awhile ago. Glad they did not force a new tech to make the move work.

Still wish they had a bundle for people who already supported the eye.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2011d ago
Irrefutable Factual Evidence.

Trolls can't beat that.
ActionBastard  +   2011d ago
Wait, doesn't the PSEye work? How can it compare to Kinect?


I'm here all week! Try the veal!
Dungus  +   2011d ago
Playstation Fan: YES

Xbox Fan: NO
MicroSony4Life  +   2011d ago
I love PS fans
They my friends.
seany2   2011d ago | Spam
mja12345   2011d ago | Spam
T9X69  +   2011d ago
Can PS Eye already do what Kinect Does?

Yes, but Kinect does it better.

Can Wii Mote already do what Move does?

Yes, but Move does it better.
Otheros00  +   2011d ago
Is kinect really doing it better? Because the specs for kinect are worse than pseye. so that means kinect is worse than ps. Answer in the pic.
Edit: The pic is from the article.

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boopis  +   2010d ago
perfect way of putting it. I'm with you!
seany2   2011d ago | Spam
shikwan  +   2011d ago
Just wondering...?
If Eyetoy IS the does the EXACT SAME things that Kinect does, then why did Sony rush their 'new invention', the glow sticks, out of a closet last year@E3 in what seemed like a rushed mess to say "Me too"?

Why didn't Sony just use the eyetoy instead of spending $$$ on development, etc of said glow sticks?

Better yet, why didn't Sony provide a firmware patch so that the XMB could use the eyeto to navigate or the PS3 could use it to be turned on/off and use the bluray?? Hmmm...??
blair_enigma  +   2011d ago
doing that instead of the ps3 controller could be boring and repetitive and tiresome to the hands as marks said in the long run. whereas coompared to just using ur fingers.
jay2  +   2011d ago
why did Sony rush their 'new invention', the glow sticks, out of a closet last year@E3 in what seemed like a rushed mess to say "Me too"?

The MOVE was in the works since 2007, it wasn't a 'rush job'. it's 3 odd years of work bud, to answer your other Q, look at the Dis-Kinects games, thats why because of the lack of a controller, MOVE XMB control looks good though, and you can turn PS3 on/off with MOVE as well.
Snoogins  +   2011d ago
The "glow sticks" presentation at E3 '09 was a last minute inclusion to the presentation, though the actual work on the Move has been going through experimental and testing stages since the early 2000s. Even with the last-minute effort, what they showed with the prototype Move was still less-laggy, more accurate and more responsive a year ago than the current product of Kinect.

It'll be difficult to answer the last part of your question, considering I don't work for Sony, but considering how little processing and memory is required for the PSeye or Move to function with the PS3, unlike the resource-demanding Kinect, I'd imagine all of those things are easily possible. I remember reading rumor about such functionality possibly coming to the revamped XMB.
shikwan  +   2011d ago
Don't really agree with ya...but +bubbles for a respectable, mature, non-fanboyish answer!
Optical_Matrix  +   2010d ago
Why did they add Move to the equation? Maybe, just a thought...they wanted GOOD GAMES to be made for it. It's a known fact that controller less gaming limits player interaction. How on earth is an FPS, RPG, TPS gonna work on Kinect without some kind of input device? Unless its on rails which is shit. And if MS add the 360 controller into the mix then it defeats the USP of Kinect and means you may as well by a PS Eye which is £100 cheaper.
PimpHandHappy  +   2011d ago

YES it can

but Sony doesn't want to sink money into making it happen anymore... Thats why they added the Move.. because it makes it accurate
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KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   2011d ago
I see it like this, yes kinect it's basically a eyetoy clown right yes we all agree. So what's the ps move den ??????? Same shitt as wii clown correct. The different is that PS MOVE is more precise then the wii that's A FACT. Same goes for KINECT it's going to be better cause it's going to have more support then eye toy.
SoSLy  +   2011d ago
Its still the "eyetoy" then correct? So youll be paying $150 for another "eyetoy" correct?

Fact: Some move games doesnt require the MOVE controller and lets you use the DS3. PSeye coul also do 2D games that the Kinect can.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   2010d ago
Did I say ima go n buy a gay ass motion camera for 150$. All I said was that it's going to be BETTER THEN THE EYE TOY IS Because GOING TO HAVE MORE SUPPORT. THATS A FACTTT.

MOVE in the other hand for 100 plus bucks ain't worth it and like u said lol WE CAN USE OUR DS3 controllers. Let me ask u this kido are u getting MOVE. KINECT N EYETOY are the same crap but kinect is gonna get helll of support cause come on bro u n I know MS
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theEx1Le  +   2010d ago
See this is exactly what I don't understand. I agree with your point(not how you made it though). The point is PS move is a clone of the wiimote with the motion plus tech built-in, and with the use of the PS-eye it will be better than the wii-mote. BUT, the market is already so saturated with people owning wii's that I don't see these taking off at all outwith current system owners. I just don't see people buying move or kinect when overall the wii works out cheaper and is already the established product. Please disagree if you must, but at least give me your reasons.
acky1  +   2010d ago
i agree, Wii is still the way to go if you want casual fun for your family...cheapest, most motion games, free online etc, all good points that make it perfect for getting some motion controlled fun in.

In my view, the only people who should be thinking about picking up move n kinect are people who already have ps3s n 360s and the 3 people left who are yet to buy a Wii.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2010d ago
It bridges hardcore gamers to a casual idea
theEx1Le  +   2010d ago
Ramzadel, I suppose I've never looked at it like that. +bubs
maniacmayhem  +   2011d ago
Yes, I think it can...

And if that's the case what's stopping MS from making their own type of wand controller in the future?
Just like Sony made one for their Eye Toy?

And furthermore does anyone realize how crowded their TV area is going to be. If you're someone like me and own all three consoles it's going to be a mess.

The Wii sensor bar!
The EyeToy!
The Kinect!

Ack way to much shit!
#16 (Edited 2011d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PirosThe4th  +   2010d ago
lol i do have all that... the wiring is a mess... >__< that is including the gaming pc. At least the controllers are wireless these days XD
As for kinect... dont want to waste money on that..
tiamat5  +   2011d ago
If Mircosoft would show us exactly how Kinect isn't different from the Eyetoy maybe everyone wouldn't be so skeptical. They keep saying it's not an Eyetoy but all of their games are reminiscent of Eyetoy games. Sony has laid out their designs,games, videos and future plans to distinguish themselves from the Wiimote. Everytime Mircosoft talks about the Kinect it almost sounds like they are stalling for time.It's always what Kinect MIGHT do or that it COULD do something if they wanted or they will have certain kinds of games LATER. How about now Mircosoft? What can it do now? I am paying you money that could buy me at least 2 new games and 1 used one. Why should I hand you money for promises you might not keep?
ArchangelMike  +   2011d ago
Bubbles for you
My sentiment exactly. It is M$ who is not distinguishing Kinect from the Eyetoy. They have not shown anyting revolutionary at all. Dance Central can be done on the PSEye, the majority of the actionrequired are on the X and Y-axis anyways! Same goes for all the games they've shown so far!
mightydog01  +   2011d ago
Its a fact
Yes its the same.... And every body with a brain knows it. facts are facts but omega is so blind or brainwashed he we keep talking ( insert here ) out of is mouth, I'm afraid there's no hope for him
hiredhelp  +   2010d ago
Theres no hope for omega im affraid.
dazzalfc  +   2011d ago
I've always felt Sony messed up a little with the PSEye. Bar from Eye of Judgement and the odd few (and rather crap) downloadable titles, there was zero reason to use the Eyetoy until recently, with Eyepet coming out and now the release of Move.

I wouldn't mind, but some of the tech demo stuff was rather impressive, and surely Sony could have done abit more with it than they have done til now?

I personally don't think it can do things at the same standard that Kinect can do (although that standard is hardly a great one either) but i'm sure if Sony bothered to tweak with the software abit, they could run things in a very similar fashion.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2011d ago
ps3 fans already know
pseye does...

head tracking
voice recognition
facial recognition
augmented reality
gesture control

there isn't really anything kinect is doing that pseye can't do with the right programming.the only thing is that sony KNOWS that "with a lack of buttons,you will have limited control in your games."it's fun.but without more inputs,it becomes a shallow experience.that's why they added Move because you can have both gesture and control at 1:1.

here's something funny though i was watching last night.check this out:


veronica belmont of Qore is interviewing a developer while playing the table tennis game.but watch as she hits the ball with the Move,but THEN,hits the ball WITH HER HAND without knowing it and NOT using the move.

see....pseye can do motion control games.but you get better control over motion games with move.but it's not like you need move to will just be less accurate.and even kung fu live demonstrates controllerless gaming with pseye.

it's all in the programming.
#20 (Edited 2011d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
AntsPai  +   2011d ago
Whoa, that's pretty awesome :) Thanks for pointing that out :D
FungLip  +   2011d ago
I wonder if the racket will drop when the move is dropped.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2011d ago
That's freaky as hell, man!! Obvious too.

This makes "Only Do Everything" kind of scary - Did Kaz make some Faustian deal?
#20.3 (Edited 2011d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CrzyFooL  +   2010d ago
Omgad a legitimate argument on N4G!?!? Stop the presses!!

edit: I watched that, and she did hit it with her hand without knowing, a hahaha . . .whoa.
#20.4 (Edited 2010d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jerethdagryphon  +   2010d ago
isnt a handball a foul in pingpong?
yewles1  +   2011d ago
To everyone asking about PSEye doing 3D:

It's a real shame I have to do this a THIRD time, knowing it will be ignored AGAIN... but, oh well--


FungLip  +   2011d ago
Kinect is a more accurate version of PSEye. No more, no less.
strickers  +   2010d ago
Thats' not true.It does depth but it's same res and much slower response.It's the mo cap libraries using software to guess movement.Camera is not better except the sensor.
Unbiased_gamer  +   2011d ago
I personally don't have a problem with the tech upgrades but if you're going to do it, do it right. Here's a perfect example. PS Eye Toy came out, it had a few fun games but was abandoned because it never really caught on (mostly because developers didn't support it). MS took the tech upgraded it to the next level and so far it has still not been received well at least not by the gaming community at large and it seems the developers dont know what to make of it. Nintendo came out with the Wii motion controller. It had great success and was excepted as the next gen type controller. Sony took it, upgraded it to the next level and so far it seems as if it will be another great success. P.S. I know that Sony has been working on the Tech for a long time maybe even before Nintendo but thats beside the point. My point is whats better take an arguably failed tech and try to bring new life to it or take a proven tech and make it even better?

Also Kung Fu live looks awesome even if it is on "old tech" Fun is fun and it's hard to argue with that. Now give me bubbles lol jk
#23 (Edited 2011d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
CrzyFooL  +   2010d ago
Bubbles up for love of Kung Fu LIVE!!
USEYOURFIST  +   2010d ago
cant wait for this game im gonna be tripping over stuff so much lol will be epic fun, i wonder if i can hold my kids plastc sword and the game things i have a long arm, slightly cheating but cool.
Unbiased_gamer  +   2009d ago
I'm pretty sure if you pick up anything it will show up as what you are holding. I'm going to be a broom stick master ;) Just hope I don't break anything lol
metsgaming  +   2010d ago
the only thing the kinect has going for it is consumer ignorance and store employees hyping it up
yewles1  +   2010d ago

Anyone remember E3 2005?

This used the original PS2 EyeToy.
#25 (Edited 2010d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
earbus  +   2010d ago
Just watch me and the other sheep help it fly of the shelves i think lauch will suck but it only takes one hit game to get the ball rolling the fitness games will be huge..
CrzyFooL  +   2010d ago
Fitness games are hilarious. GO OUTSIDE YOU FRIGGIN NERDS!! Video game fitness, that's like a Female fighter pilot. Haiyooooooooooo.
USEYOURFIST  +   2010d ago
i have seen a few commetns saying eye cant do 3d without the move.
you are MISSING THE POINT its has the move that the cam tracks in 3d yes kinect may do the body but so far on SOFTWARE shown move has the technical edge on what its motion control can do in the games. there was a good interview with hhg and the move man explaining why sony passed the keniect tech if only i could find the link but basically sais m$ was bending the truth so i urge all you fanboys to try before you buy and dont buy into the hype (lets see how much i get called a fanboy for saying move is better then keniect)
PirosThe4th  +   2010d ago
people dont realize that even a webcam on pc can do all that kinect can. Providing u have proper hardware and software to do so.
TheMutator  +   2010d ago
mehhh Genesis does what Nintendont
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