Can the Playstation Eye already do what Xbox Kinect does?

Has Microsoft simply re-invented the wheel? That’s what MyCE finds themselves asking the more they read about Kinect, the company’s motion-sensing Xbox 360 add-on due out this fall.

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MariaHelFutura2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Basically, although Kinect is the more current version of it. Button-less gaming is stupid and will not do what people want from it for many many years to come.

MicroSony4Life2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

until we see more Kinect games. We see still have to see what big developers like Kojima can produce.

I think the tech is limited to your imagination.

Cenobia2870d ago

I envision moving around in 3D space.

-Immediate Kinect Failure

mastiffchild2869d ago

MS$L-no-it's limited more by the desire of developers to even bother trying-let alone how they execute things they never did before. Wii suffered from lazy developers not really thinking or using their imaginations but making safe games and tacking on vague gestures and waggle to satisfy their need to use the tech. they always go lowest common denomenator as the route of least expense and effort and with Kinect needing more imagination and R&D I fear they'll just churn out tosh in the main.

We all know kinect has higher specs than the eye but so far nobody has REALLY shown any games that use it and stretch the difference in front of us. Then we have issues like the paltry two player limit(which will put off some casuals used to all the family playing on Wii)and the way a few games seem slowed down to accommodate the lag of the current software/hardware integration and the seemingly inconsistent performance of the hardware when confronted by changes to the ideal set up. It just seems like it's getting released tolo early to me-that's all-and later it would have a lot of this sorted out and better games to show. I just hope they both(Move and Kinect) get the games they need to show what they can both do but I have my doubts that third party devs have the desire to push the tech if the can sell crap more easily.

Hell, say you had a great idea for a Kinect game, totally fresh and new, yes? It's gfoing to take a bunch of cash and time to make and even if you nail it what's the chances the public may not even take to it? It's risky and isn't just tied to imagination but more to a desire to use imagination which often doesn't exist. Fact is devs don't LIKE new and neither, in the main, do gamers. We see it all the time, don;t we?

himdeel2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

...and Dance Dance Revolution to steal any commercial thunder that MS has with Kinect. Although I truly feel that most consumers would be totally confused either way lol

Otheros002870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Is dis-kinect a clone of eyetoy and pseye? YES
Has it already been done before? YES
Does dis-kinect have more lag then move? YES
Is dis-kinect 1:1? NO
Is omega trolling? YES
Is the connect4 better than dis-kinct? YES because it is the fourth iteration of kinect.
Can dis-kinect connect4?NNNNNOOOOO

jay22869d ago

Bubble for dis-kinect! who else is in the dis-kinect group?

Motion2869d ago

Kinect fans always bring up the 3d motion tracking. what exactally is this? y-z axis? can't any camera tell if something is closer or farther just by focus? Even if kinect has some fancy 3d motion whatever it is, how exactly is that being incorporated into games? What does that even mean for games? Isn't facial recognition all software based? Crappy digital cameras that cost half of kinect have it...and regardless, what does this mean for games? In my opinion, nothing. I just don't get it.
ps, voice recognition is also software based, as long as there is a mic. And yes, there is less lag. Take any kinect game, and i'm sure its possible on psEye, not that I care to buy either one, but stop acting like kinect is so f'n superior.

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air1_got_raped2870d ago

so far yes.

tell me when there are games that take full advantage of kinect.

Godmars2902870d ago

Sony's one - big - mistake was stalling PSeye development shortly after introducing it.

Jeff2572870d ago

Unfortunately they did stall it. But I think they did that because they didnt want to put out games that limited a gamers interaction. I think more because of their own experience with the Eyetoy and Eye they saw it needed something more so they prototyped Move. Now we see them making a big push behind it utilizing the Eye and actually giving us games for it that will have mass market appeal.

Dojan1232869d ago

At least now I can still use the camera I bought awhile ago. Glad they did not force a new tech to make the move work.

Still wish they had a bundle for people who already supported the eye.