Game Sequel VS Original Comparitive Round-Up (PART 1)


"Game sequels should always be better than their predecessors. It’s a rule and usually a certainty.

Films must rely on narrative and characterisation for success; two elements that can often be subjective in their effectiveness. If a film has already spent the time introducing the characters and filling in their backstories, a successful sequel can be a daunting task to provide the same intrigue and compelling plotlines.

Games have it a bit easier. Gameplay and usability are the major drawcards, and can be improved much more readily by seeking feedback from the prior game and simply taking out the bad and adding more of the good with some new features sprinkled on top. With each successive title we expect, nay demand, a better experience.

But does this really happen in execution? It’s time to find out as we look at some of the notable games and sequels that have both existed in this generation, and choose our pick of which did it best."

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BadCircuit2868d ago

The comparisons are good and I completely agree with them. It shows that not all sequels aren't always better than their originals.

Some game developers should have thought of a new way to change the game in their sequel and not just make another one to try and make more money.

REALgamer2868d ago

Why not just make it a different series?

Case in point: the Need for Speed series. The street racing ones are all well and good, but then Shift is something entirely different as is World and the upcoming Hot Pursuit.

The only thing they have in common is cars and 'NFS', probably just to get sales from the name. Especially Hot Pursuit which looks more like Burnout and is by Criterion anyway.

FarCry is another series where the games only share the title and pretty environments.

gaminoz2867d ago

I don't works in films- like with James Bond.

Maybe it's different with games though. The next Max Payne looks strange.

XboxOZ3602867d ago

The next Max Payne is not by Remedy Games, so there will be a shift, but the story line is also shifting, and part of that looks promising.

Personally, I look at what the game gives me insofar as entertainment, not whether there are the same controls as before, or if the setting has changed or not, but more about how the story line is progressing, and how that adds to my enjoyment, not comparing it to the previous one.

Which ideally you should not do . . . otherwise, you're basically setting yourself up for disappointment, as no follow-up game or movie or even book at times, is as good as the one that grabbed you into the franchise in the first place.

SixZeroFour2867d ago

i usually dont like that aswell, its like they are just trying to ride on the franchise name cause they arent sure if it will sell well if it was a completely new ip in the same genre

XboxOZ3602867d ago

There are times when it is necessary due to plot changes that have been evolving over time. Such as Splinter Cell.

While many gamers simply wanted another Chaos Theory, that game was really the end of the Sneak/peek/pop style of Sam Fisher.

Things changed in the game world, so the actual game style needed to change as well.

But many gamers can't see that, and simply want repetition, which does not advance any game.

Belgavion2867d ago

I'll disagree with you on Far Cry REALgamer - the sequel was a completely different beast to the original. There were some really innovative and unique elements added to FC2

BadCircuit2867d ago

Like the map editor!!!! That was the best!

gaminoz2867d ago

I wish more games would put in a map editor like was fun to create and I think some of the community maps were better than the game's to be honest!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Jurassic Park? Awesome.

REALgamer2867d ago

That's actually what I meant - I loved FarCry 2, but if the name wasn't on the box I would have no idea it was in any way related to the original.

Brilliant game, but why is it called 'FarCry'?

Godem2867d ago

Pretty good list, although I think Mass Effect was waaaay better than ME2. But looks like thats just me.

BadCircuit2867d ago

ME2 did need the vehicle bits!