Wii Fit is Japan's most anticipated "game" title

A recent poll given by, the world renowned, Famitsu magazine received it's results today. The poll was on what the readers most anticipated items shown at E3 and the Playstation Premiere event were.

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599USD4028d ago

I love when I post something anti-360 people get upset, but when I post something anti-Nintendo everyone approves. Go figure

unsunghero284028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

This is anti-Nintendo?

All I see with this post is:

1) Your biased fanboy drivel. Go figure.
2) Another very good reason why the Wii won't stop selling this side of 2010.

copshop4028d ago

i agree with unsunghero28

599USD4028d ago

I thought me saying that WiiFit would be the end of gaming would be self-explanatory :p. Then again it's all pretend anyway

MyNutsYourChin4028d ago

I do not believe that WiiFit will be the "end of gaming" as you have questioned. In principle, it brings "gaming" back to the original challenge. Sports are the original "games" of culture. "Sports" has much to do with fitness and Nintendo is finally merging the original concept of games with the concept of video games, which historically is centered more on, dare I say, "mental fitness" then physical fitness (mental fitness as in reaction times, problem solving, and ambidexterous finger movements).

Bringing physical fitness (physical ability and adeptness) into the concept of video games will greatly increase the variety of games as well as gameplay and maybe even help the American (US) culture stop being so disgustingly lazy.

Nintendo is doing video games and the gaming community a favor by continuing to suggest and produce entertainment that sponsers fun, health, and social interaction. There are plenty of games out there for those of us who just want to get away from the world and blast a few caps in some thugs, cops, zombies, aliens, or whatever to relieve some stress. Nintendo has (or will have) games such as this as well. So I'm not worried.

The "end of gaming"? Not by a long shot, in my opinion. Nintendo has begun a revolution in gaming and it began with making gaming more accesible and more popular to everyone by introducing simpler and more intuitive controls. As experienced gamers, we are in for a whole new ride and in my opinion, it's going to be extraordinary.

whotard4028d ago

I have to agree with Omnihilum. This is no where near the end of gaming and who is to say the end of gaming will ever come. I, for one, don't think it will.

Nintendo is definately bringing gaming to the masses and if you fanboys would shut your mouths and open your f*cking minds, you'd all see that. So what if you don't want to use the balance board for yoga or exercise, then don't f*cking buy it, douchebags. But I guarantee that the balance board is going to utilize some really unique gameplay in the coming years.

All you who complain and complain that the Wii is hurting gaming, you're all so f*cking narrow-minded and a bunch spoiled b*tches. Only b*tches complain when they don't get their way and that pretty much labels all of you fanboys. So find your anal-buddies and go play some butt darts instead of complaining to people who don't give a sh*t what you think.

MACHone4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

After Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Mario Kart Wii are all distant memories, the Wii better not become a casual gamer cesspool with craptastic innovations like Wii Fit. Make GAMES, Nintendo -- not TOYS!

I also find it disturbing that there are more titles I'd rather play on the Virtual Console right now than there are for the actual Wii!

unsunghero284028d ago

I see where you're coming from, but with the massively increasing 3rd party support and (hopefully) not all of it being casual, in addition to some new Nintendo titles (a new franchise was mentioned) and etc., I wouldn't give up hope just yet.

Also, there are about 120 titles out for virtual console. And most of them were picked because they're classics, so I would expect that there's more there than on the Wii hardware itself...

MK_Red4028d ago

I agree with 599USD on WiiFit being kinda end of gaming.

Yes, Nintendo is getting strong 3rd part support (Most recently EA) but look at what they hae for Wii, BE is bringing EA Playground, EA Sports more simplyfied for children and recent Boogie.
Capcom is bringing the rail shooter RE:UC which is just House of The Dead with RE name. Only Zack & Wiki is rather un-casual but look at its art and themes.
Konami playground, Jenga, Ultimate Duck Hunting and other third party games, does anyone see a decent game aside from 1st parties heavy hitters of Metroid, Mario and SSBB?

VaeVictus4028d ago

Crap like Wiifit only pushes me further away from the Wii as a gamer. I have no desire for crap like this. When I want to exercise (which I do daily) I go to the gym or basketball/tennis court or throw a football around. More importantly, I do it outside of my house w/ other know in a social setting of sorts.

I'll buy an Ngage before I buy a Wii at this point, and believe me, I am not in the market for an Ngage.

MyNutsYourChin4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Most grandparents and relatives don't have that option to go outside and run around as it would likely give them a heart attack. Don't forget about all the people (mainly in cities) who don't have a yard to use or "play in". As for going to the gym, too many gamers and couch potatos don't go to the gym. Oh, wow, imagine that! Many gamers and couch potato's don't go to the gym? Who would have thought? What a great way to help keep people a bit more active by releasing a product to help lazy people get off their ass! Don't you think?

The point of the Wii is to get family and friends to socialize and most of the people I know who have a Wii tend to use it, you know, in a social setting of sorts. Your subtle sarcasm and cheap, self-reference to persuade others to think negatively about an item that you so pompously have no need of, and that many will and can benefit from, is repulsive.

EDIT: @ VaeVictus below

Mocking me with an attempt at using old english words will get you nowhere...

VaeVictus4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

"The point of the Wii is to make a lot of money on old technology by adding gimmicks that will be bought and rarely used or supported ala Donkey Konga. I support Nintendo b/c I am a fanboy, regardless of what they do."


Me thinks thou doest protest a little too fervantly, as if thou are offended by MY OPINION. It is mine after all, so perhaps you shouldn't take it too seriously. Ok then, have a nice day.

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Husso4028d ago


japan is less and less about games.

eclipsegryph4028d ago

And how is WiiFit not a video game?

eclipsegryph4028d ago

Joga? I thought they were a band.

eclipsegryph4028d ago

I really have to question the use of the italics for describing WiiFit as a game, and the maturity of the person who does so.

It's a game. It's a casual game. It's an exercise game. It's in a more relaxed genre of games. People need to quit being so insecure about themselves as gamers and just realize that video games are video games - they just come in different genres.

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