New Halo 3 Scans from Famitsu - With a Halo 3 Poster

Famitsu Xbox 360 had the scoop on a lot of new Halo 3 images. Here are some high quality scans from the magazine, while waiting for direct feed versions!

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nobizlikesnowbiz4021d ago

The fvcking Elephant looks awesome. I can't wait.

Forge, wow, just totally wow.

New maps, weapons, vehicles, character customization yet to be seen.

Share movies.


C'mon September...

clownfacemcgee4021d ago

I need to get a 360. If the game looks as good as those scans, I must get a 360 and Halo 3.

rubarb234021d ago

is there anything more painful than waiting for this game to come out? being kicked in the sack 100 times isn't as painful as waiting for Halo 3.

power0919994021d ago

I disagree with your comment. :)

Honeal2g4021d ago

what the hell theres like 1 percent halo fans in japan halo:CE sold 100,000 units ...halo2 sold 110,000 units ....soo why do they get this info before us or am i just not aware of the american information blowout?

omansteveo4021d ago

Yeah i know WTF! Halo i need it NOW! im dying seriously i logged almost 200 games into the Beta

BrainDrain4021d ago

I thought all this information was already in the latest EGM issue. I know i've seen this stuff before now.

Honeal2g4021d ago

i just picked up a copy and althuogh the layout isnt the same its almost identical pictures so i take my statement back well

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The story is too old to be commented.